I missed Top 5 Tuesday the previous week!


Shame on me but life got in the way of blogging or rather delays on the railway got in the way. I had 5 hours a day to commute!!! 5 hours on the train so not blogging.

But here I’m back to post about this Top 5 Tuesday’s weekly event created by Shanah at Bionicbookworm.

Really hop to her blog it’s one of the bests around filled with interesting topics, meme, discussions and  book reviews.


Now let’s go to the matter at hand: dream places to read.


First place I love to read: the garden!


I love reading in my garden preferably under a tree to have some shade. It’s quiet. I can smell the flowers, hear the birds and I feel peaceful.




My second favorite place would be in a dedicated room with all my books, a comfy sofa and a fireplace.


Now when I’m on holiday I love reading on the beach. Being close to water is once again peaceful. And if I get to choose my dream place filled with salted water, why not read here below? Gorgeous right?


Fourth favorite place would be reading in bed in a cozy place. Once again you are alone nested in your pillow and under the covers. Relax with all the time you need to enjoy your favorite passtime.


But now honestly the reality is less glamorous. The best place to read in peace without being interrupted by the kids or the hubs or… is



Best place ever to be left alone!!!! LOL


And you what are your dream places to read?


Thank you for reading!


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