Hi dear friends,

This is already day seven of Blogoween Level 2 and today’s prompt is again from Clo @bookdragon.

Who would I want with me trapped in a haunted house?

You have to know that I avoid at all costs even the haunted houses on carnivals and fair.


You know thess creepy constructions where you usually get to walk in the dark, surrounded by strange noises like labored breathing. You go through fake spider webs and end being gropped viciously by an ugly zombie *I suspect these people acting as zombie get their kick frightening lovely and unsuspecting ladies*.

So going in a REAL haunted house is unthinkable for me.

But say I don’t have a choice.
I have been abducted by order of the marketing girl deeply jealous of my imaginative mind. She felt threatened in her creativity and paid a bounty hunter to distract, bind and gag little me just to throw me in this haunted castle far from civilization.


Who would I want with me in this very frightening situation?

Well a ghost whisperer duh!

Someone attracting ghosts by dozens to create a diversion.

They would be so obssessed with her that they would totally forget my existence.
As they would talk to her and she would feel compelled to help them I would creep slowly to the exit and bye bye ghosts welcome freedom!


Best plan ever!
What about the ghost whisperer? Well she does not fear ghosts so she would be fine.
Cowardly? Yes but I told you when haunted houses are concerned I am a real chicken.

Only I would feel so much guilt that I would end up helping the ghost whisperer help the poor ghosts in their request.

Today the ones I would want with me in a haunted house are: Kylie (Shadow Falls) by CC Hunter; Riley (the mortician daughter) by CC Hunter and Janice St John (Demon Blessed) by Nikki Sex. Best ghost whisperer squad!

Now do tell me would you mind visiting a haunted house? And who would you want by your side? Do you find my plan solid?

Thanks for reading!


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  1. I love haunted houses in theory, but not in practice. Wouldn’t want to be stuck in one at all. But I guess I’d prefer the gang from Supernatural. If I’m going to die, might as well be defended by eye-candy first.

  2. DUN DUN DUNNNNN. A ghost whisperer would be nice for sure, at least in regards to ghosts. I’ve never to a haunted house, but I think I’d be scared! I’d bring Kylie for sure, but I believe she’s a chameleon? If she hates, I’ll be left behind! D:

  3. I don’t do Haunted Houses either But I love the take you took on this! With the ghost whisperers to help the ghosts! I probably would have gone with ghost hunters, but your way is a lot smarter

    1. Hahaha Brittany I don’t know if it’s smarter but these were the only kind of ghost related books that I had read so I had to make do!