Top 5 Tuesday is a meme created by Shanah @Bionicbookwormblog

This week I will slightly change Shanah’s meme as I’ve already written a long post some days ago about my most awaited books for 2018. I published a list of 22 books and I don’t want to use the same as it would be too “copycat”. If you want my whole list go HERE

Today I’m choosing books that don’t have a cover yet and sometimes even no blurb is published but they all come from authors that I admire so much that I just need to read their next book in 2018. Some authors are new to me as I have only read one of their books so far but they made a lasting impression.

So sorry but today you won’t have pretty covers but I will choose some pic to illustrate the book if the blurb is known.


Angie Thomas: On the Come Up

I discovered Angie with The Hate U Give and that book had earned its place in my “Best of 2017” December challenge. Starr is an incredible heroine because she was like everyone and she had to be brave.


The highly anticipated second novel from Angie Thomas, #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Hate U Give, returns to the world of Garden Heights in a story about an aspiring teen rapper and what happens when you get everything you thought you wanted.

I don’t know if it will be about a girl or a boy, white, black or any shade of brown but here is my “mood board” Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash


Jeff Zentner: Rayne and Delilah’s Midnite Matinee

I know this one is expected only in 2019 but let’s dream here and suppose Jeff has a burst of productivity and his publisher can make all the stars align for us to get this baby in 2018.


Pitched as ‘Wayne’s World’ meets ‘Ghost World,’ the book stars two best friends who must make some tough decisions about the “creature feature” show they host on their local cable access TV station as they enter their senior year of high school.

As it’s about friends let’s go with this pic courtesy of Photo by Hannah Rodrigo on Unsplash


Frederik Backman: Us Against You

This title does not exist in English yet but I discussed Beartown with my friend Jennifer who is Swedish and she told me the title of the book. I only know it’s a standalone but takes place in Beartown too. No publications date in English known yet or at least I couldn’t find one.

Here is the real cover in Swedish.

I discovered that author with Beartown and I already know that I will read all the book he will publish!


Meg Kassel: Keeper of the Bees

The synopsis is unknown and the cover still a mystery. All that we know is that this book is a companion novel of Black Bird of the Gallows and I adored this book!

Honestly I wonder if she’ll sweep me off my feet as she’s done with Black Bird of the Gallows!

As it’s about bees and that I love pretty picture I’ll go with this one:


Beth Flynn: Title and cover unknown

All we know now is that the story features the kids from the Nine Minute series MC! Christian Anthony Bear’s son and Mimi Grizz’s girl. We had a small excerpt on Beth Flynn’s page and let me tell you Christian is a VERY determined young man. I think that who’s needed to go with Mimi as she also can be strong headed. Everything is happening in a world of bikers so let’s go with this picture:

Now what are your 5 books on your 2018 bucket list?

Thanks for reading!


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  1. It’s so cool that you actually know the books that are coming out 😀 I say that, but.. I actually know what books are coming out, but mostly just the ones that are better known. That means, I don’t really know what authors I like are releasing, cause #time xD xD so it’s really cool that you’re so loyal to them. And some of these really sound cool 🙂

    1. Thank you Evelina! Yes I follow some of them on FB and now when their next book will come. Automatic read! 😉

  2. Some of these sound really cool! I’m a very visual person so covers always help me make a decision on what to read and not to read, more so than blurbs, but that’s why I love checking other blogs and bloggers’ opinions.
    This is a great list, thanks for sharing Sophie 🙂

  3. Neat list, hon. I don’t have a list like you but there are some auto-reads I just won’t leave out.
    Great suggestions, I’ll look them up!

  4. I am so impatient to read Angie Thomas’ new book, I really liked The Hate U Give and I can’t wait to meet her next characters. I’m sure they will be just as unforgettable 🙂
    I did NOT know that Jeff Zentner had a new book coming out?? And obviously that synopsis sounds promising… I need to add that to my TBR right away, thank YOU so much for putting it on my radar!! 😀

  5. OMG the Jeff Zentner book sounds AMAZING!!!!! Thanks for putting that one on my radar! I’m hoping some bookish miracle happens and we get it sooner 🙂
    Thanks for participating and love your twist on the topic!

  6. ohhh, i didn’t know that angie thomas will have a new book coming out this year! yes! 🙂
    i also need to keep up with my fredrik backman books, because i will also read everything by him 😀