Today is Sunday time to look back in the rearview mirror and talk about my week .Β I am linking up to the Sunday Post hosted for years byΒ Kimberly@caffeinatedreviewerΒ .Β 

In my private life

Happy Sunday!

As announced, this week I was off work and it was bliss!

I am feeling a kinship to bears and am determined to hibernate as much as I can. That means sleeping a lot! More than 8 hours sleep every past nights, that’s a feat for me!

The weather has been so gloomy since October that everyone is feeling tired, deprived of light so I am really doing…nothing.

That being said, I successfully unhauled books with twenty books sold at a low price at my local second hand bookshop and two complete special sets (Zodiac Academy from The Bookish Box and From Blood and Ash from Illumicrate) successfully sold in just a few hours on the web!

I wish I had Belle’s library alas I have limited space on my bookshelves and must make room for new arrivals!

As usual, I am leaving you with a reel and for once, it’s an aesthetic reel for a book I devoured in one sitting this week: Bride by Ali Hazelwood! I adored that book so much!

On the blog this week (click on the graphic to read the post)

I have read four books this week (I’ll finish a fifth tonight!) but posted two reviews and a challenge warp-up!

Fathomfolk has a lot to like and an incredible world building!

The Brilliant Life of Eudora Honeysett is a HUGE crush!

And then it was time to wrap-up my 2023 Audiobook Challenge! I did it guys! I listened to 61 books instead of 50…

Thanks for reading!


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  1. I also try to unhaul books at the local library sale here twice per year, Sophie. But I’m so behind on my own books that I haven’t parted with any for a few years now!

  2. I LOVED Bride! Such a great book! I would love to catch up on sleep. The last time I had time off from work, I was up earlier than my usual. Have a great week!

  3. Yes, I can relate to bears, too! Nice to have the week off and congrats on nailing your audiobook challenge!

    1. Way to go on the unhauling. I really need to finish some physical books I”ve started and put down so I can pass them on! Bride looks amazing! It’s been gloomy here in the Chicago area too.

  4. I think the last time I slept more than 5 hours was when I had the flu in 2005. It was rough. Glad to hear you are enjoying your time off and so productive too. Great job unhauling!

  5. OMG Must get my hands on Bride! Thanks for the heads up.
    I’m incapable of unhauling. I currently have 6 large plastic tubs full of books stacked in my lounge room because there is no where else to put them right now.

    Wishing you a great reading week