I did not like it, so what?


In 8 years, Marlon James will be one of the brightest rising stars in the music industry.

Bristol Gray will be his tough, no-nonsense manager.

But when they first meet, she’s a college student finding her way in the world, and he’s an artist determined to make his way in it.

From completely different worlds, all the things that should separate them only draw them closer.

It’s a beautiful beginning, but where will the story end?

FLOW is the prequel chronicling the week of magical days and nights that will haunt Grip & Bristol for years to come. GRIP is the full-length conclusion of their story.



3,5 stars

I had too high expectations. All my friends loved it I so wanted to be “in” but saddly I will be the odd one.
I did not like the beginning. At all.
I was all “Really girl?” you are judging a blonde “airhead”? Her tits are attacking you? That’s kind of judgmental you know!
And their conversation about the use of the “niggas” word had me all perplex. Like the author was trying too much to explain the problems plaguing black people. Don’t misunderstand me I think these problems are real and that the black community suffers from huge injustice. I’m certainly not racist. But with this conversation the author just lost me.
Or maybe it’s my tiny exhausted brain that was lost.

So not liking the beginning.

I also was indignant towards Rhyson. Who would abandon his twin sister! Really! Did he have no heart?

Lucky for me the book or rather the characters grew on me. When Bristol showed her vulnerability. When she showed she was open-minded. When she proved that she wore her heart on her sleeve I began to like her.

But then Grip had just to be a coward. Sorry the authors says he is a poet he … but what he did was just not right.

My rating falls between 2 stars in the beginning and 4 stars by the end.

Will I read Grip? Yes as I hope I’m on an upward trend with the story.

Have you read it? Loved it? Do you want to hit me know? I’m a tough cookie you know! :-D

Thanks for reading

PS: Grip’s review coming tomorrow


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  1. I’m not a fan of being hit over the head with preaching, but I do understand the need to include what you as an author believes. Great review Sophie, I feel like I totally get why you struggled at first. I’m glad it turned out better than it started. ♥️

  2. I loved these books but hey, you made some good points and everyone is entitled to their own opinion, eh?!?!? It’ll be interesting to hear your opinion Grip!