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The highly anticipated third novel in the This Woven Kingdom series, full of explosive magic, searing romance, and heartbreaking betrayal, from the award-winning and bestselling author of the Shatter Me series. Perfect for fans of Leigh Bardugo, Sabaa Tahir, and Tomi Adeyemi.

As the long-lost heir to the Jinn throne, Alizeh has finally found her people—and she might’ve found her crown. Cyrus, the mercurial ruler of Tulan, has offered her his kingdom in a twisted exchange: one that would begin with their marriage and end with his murder.

Cyrus’s dark reputation precedes him; all the world knows of his blood-soaked past. Killing him should be easy—and accepting his offer might be the only way to fulfill her destiny and save her people. But the more Alizeh learns of him, the more she questions whether the terrible stories about him are true.

Ensnared by secrets, Cyrus has ached for Alizeh since she first appeared in his dreams many months ago. Now that he knows those visions were planted by the devil, he can hardly bear to look at her—much less endure her company. But despite their best efforts to despise each other, Alizeh and Cyrus are drawn together over and over with an all-consuming thirst that threatens to destroy them both.

Meanwhile, Prince Kamran has arrived in Tulan, ready to exact revenge…

Layered with exquisite tension and heart-stopping romance, All This Twisted Glory is the explosive third book in the captivating, bestselling This Woven Kingdom series.

Audiobook Review

How to write a book with many words where very few happen…

1 star for the first 2/3 and 4 stars for the last part.

I am maybe harsh in that first statement but honestly the beginning of that third instalment was infuriating. It was non stop bickering between Alizeh’s friends, cutting remarks from Kamran and nearly nothing else.

I was so disappointed and ready to give up when I had adored the first book in that series.

It’s only in the second part that things begin to move and yet, move is too big a word!

I think that book consisted of bickering, then a dramatic event, then bickering then another intense scene and that’s it!

Kamran was so far from the charming prince we thought he could be in the first book and Cyrus was the villain who is not so villainous, just like a caricature of Adam and Warner/Aaron in the Shatter Me series.

Yet, here is Tahereh Mafi’s talent, I WILL read the sequel because Cyrus is such a tragic hero and Alizeh has endured so many things in her life while staying gentle and sweet that I care deeply for these characters and want to know what will happen.

I also predict another romantic entanglement between two other side characters who are very much at each other’s throat at the moment.

Let’s praise de narrator, the excellent Kate Reading.

Thanks for reading.


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  1. At first, I was surprised to read that nothing happened for such a big chunk of this book since it wasn’t book 1 where you get a big info dump. Then, I thought about how those second books are sometimes used to bridge the first and third book. Sorry this wasn’t better for you