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We’ve been tasked by the “Autors Association of Fictional Young Adult Stories” to recruit a pool of future main character candidates.

Job description

-You will be the main character of either a contemporary or fantasy/PNR fictional story.

-Some will be booked for standalones others for trilogies or more.

-You will have to meet as many as possible requisites below as your main task will be to make readers dream and escape.


Requisites (the candidate  must be)


a bad boy but still be redeemable. Talk to Cardan “The Cruel Prince” or Kaz Brekker “Six of Crows” if you need references or Warner “Shatter Me”. Your master bad boy would be The Darkling “Grisha trilogy”.

-if he can’t fit the first requirement he has to be a nerd or a jock. No in between allowed.

handsome or handsome to be (think Clark Kent when he lost his glasses and had bulging muscles). You’ll know it as the girls flock to you like sheep. They tend to get clingy and it annoys you to no end till the special one will present herself. Darkly charming can work wonders too;

gitfed at everything;

-brooding or overtly sunny. Again no in between here. Going from one mood to the other and or suffering from mental problems is allowed  (See Theodore Finch “All the Bright Places” );

mysterious as mystery makes readers dream and want to peel the outer layers to uncover the “real boy” hiding inside;

tortured is an added bonus. If you have a complex back story, a tragic past because you suffer from a bad childhood, have lost your parents or have been abused as a kid you are on the straight path to stardom. Seek Will Herondale “The Infernal Devices” for counsel;

charistmatic  he must be a leader even if unwillingly;

kind and understanding. Caring under a “devil may care” attitude. He has either a bunch of brothers and sisters to take care of (like Julian in Lady Midnight or Jonah in When We Collide), either a crew of misfits (Kaz Bekker), either …;

either self assured (see Jace Herondale for advices) or really awkward (talk with Simon Spier “Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda);

reckless is a plus. It will come handy in the tasks you have to acomplish (see below).

What will be expected from the candidate (tasks to perform)

make the girl or the guy fall for you. It can take some time and groveling but this is a mandatory task. If you need advices and inspiration write to Raffe “Angelfall” or Khalid “The Wrath and the Dawn” as they had to work hard to win the belle’s heart.

protect the girl at all costs. Saving either the damzel in distress either the kickass heroine will earn you brownies points and help you accomplish task one above. If you need guidance seek Tobby “A Girl Like Lilac”. He has the protecting role down to a T. Sometimes the lady will be reluctant to admit she needs protection but don’t let this deter you. Dedication is key;

fight villains and evil. This may imply that you’ll have to play by their rules and pretend to go on the dark side of the force. In said case usually the female character will be wary of you and despise you in the beginning. You’ll have to work extra hard to accomplish task one.

go on a quest. It can be to save the world finding an ancient artifact preventing the opening of a portal between our realm and the demon’s realm. It can be finding the girl’s family taken hostage for years. It can be ….;

accomplish a prophecy. You will play a key role right alongside the girl to make it happen. The future of the human race usually depends on your success. No pressure at all!

in case of love triangle, crush your rival to accomplish task 1! You’ll have to be the best. No preening please be smart and cunning;

always find who you were meant to be. Become even more amazing. Personal journey ahead. Grow up man!

Any additional task is at the author’s discretion.



Fame, glory and love. Admiration of thousands of readers. Expect fanart to follow. You’ll be celeb man!


Dear friends,

If you’ve read till this point I hope you had some fun reading this post 😀

I had the collaboration of other followers on Facebook and Instagram and would like to give credit to Laura @princess_l143; Sophie @sophie_greek_girl; Lonna @inkfurie, Di @bookreviewsbydi; Chelsea @starcrossedbookblog; Michelle (author MH Soars); Michelle Chen; Samantha Thacker; Talia @redohtink; Tricia Viands Hamlett; Angelica @collectorofbookboyfriends. My daughter also helped brainstorm.


I would love if you could add your experience and comment on this post! Have I forgotten something?


Thanks for reading!



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