News: I’ve joined froces with Angy Potter at Collector of Book Boyfriends to create a goup on Facebook.

We see it like a book club where people talk books, authors, enter giveaways and participate in daily topics.

Please come join us we would love to! Click on the graphic here above or in my right side menu and you should land among us!


Wednesday topic is Woman Crush!


Well we also have other topics for today but I love this one as I’ve recently discovered two VERY talented authors!

Woman’s crush is about a woman you admire and want the others know about. It can be an author, a book character, a blogger, a woman in the spotlight… anything to show others that yes WOMEN ARE BRILLIANT!

Girl power here!

Now gentlemen if you’d like we could add a day for Man Crush! Just let me know in the comment here below!

So my crush of the day or rather crushes are:

Tiffany Reisz (yes, yes I KNOW Angy you told me to read her books for ages! What can I say? I’m stubborn LOL).
I’ve read The Bourbon Thief and The Lucky Ones and twice now she amazed me with her solid, flawless, vivid and captivating writing!

Kate Sterritt!
I’ll be closing the giveaway running in the group in a few hours (hurry and join us to enter!) and I’ve written my review for Love My Way on the blog, GR and Beware Of The Reader page. You know that I’ve gushed about our encounter at RARE but here I go, again, Kate is a truly charming person AND her book blew me away! I’m now a new fan.

Have you read anything by these authors? Who are your woman crush today?

Happy Wednesday!


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  1. I have not read either of these authors but have been looking into picking up a Tiffany Reisz read for a few weeks now. I’ll definitely have to grab one from each of these authors, since your recommendations seem to always be on point for me! I’m going to click into your group right now! =D