Hi dear friends!

Time for a little weekly chit chat about how my week went and what happened on the blog. As usual I will link it up with @CaffeinatedReviewer. 

For once I am trying to write this on a Sunday morning before going to the fitness club or maybe for a long walk in the rain today! Let’s see if I’ll complete the post this morning.

In “real life”

Not much happened this first week of October. Work is really heavy for weeks now an is taking its toll as I don’t have much time blogging in the evening. I even skipped one of my favorite memes this Thursday.

Result: a headache yesterday as it seems to become a “tradition” every two or three weekends now.

I know that I must listen to my body and rest more, do less, go to bed early!

The only problem is that I have so many fun things planned for the blog in October that I WANT to do these.

Another inconvenience this week: my Samsung galaxy A5 did not want to upload pictures on Instagram anymore from the home wifi. I think something is not really compatible maybe after an update but I’ve tried everything that I could think of the problem is not with the wifi but the phone. I bought this one barely 18 months ago!

That’s frightening as I am so against this frenzy to consume more and more goods just to throw them later.

As I did not want to buy a new phone I had to get sneaky to post on Instagram from my computer and changed my IG profile to a business profile. Not that I want to pay to promote my pics or anything but it was the only way to be able to post automatically from my computer in Instagram. So far so good…

See these are petty problems and I am aware of all this because I have a well paid job, a family, good health so basically all I need and you can totally overlook my “complaints” here above as I am at my core, grateful for my blessings.

My dad is not miraculously healed and he never will but we have to accept that death is part of life and that so far he is doing good.

So my advice for the day would be: enjoy your day. Really enjoy it. Find something good today and choose to focuse on the good. That’s what I’ll do.

On the blog (click on the graphics to read the posts)

It’s been a weird but elating week as stated in my title. Weird because I only read two books, had not much time in the evening to work on posts and posted less than I am used to do BUT elating because you must know by now *I screamed loud enough these last days* that I was contacted by the mysterious author of The Silver Cage (Anonymous) and he or she offered me his or her second book The Silver Cord.

You will have to click on the graphics below to get all my enthusiasm and rambling as I don’t want to bore you out if you already have read these posts but let just say that I never would have imagined that this would happen to me.

And there is more to come but I can’t speak about it now.

So I read two books but only reviewed one , the other will be reviewed tomorrow.

I’ve read Phoenix Unbound by Grace Draven and read The Silver Cord by Anonymous.

5 stars for The Silver Cord who was another incredibly well written book by Anonymous. Please read the review it is one very dear to my heart due to my peculiar relationship with these books.

As usual I posted the Top 5 Tuesday and it was about the favorite tropes! My title for this one was:

What trope do I have to brandish to convince you to read a book? Yes today we mean business in Top 5 Tuesday

On Wednesday I already shouted my joy for being contacted by Anonymous *see I am making such a fuss about this I know I know but when I am in love with a book/author I am all in*

And of course Friday was about my first impression of the book *I should have read another ARC first but could not resist*

On Calendar Girl I was so happy to get to feature one of my favorite books with witches. A series that’s some years old now, that’s never been featured on the blog but that gave me so much joy! Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins.

I still manage to write a small and light discussion post about book versus movie as The Hate U Give is being turned into a movie this month!


I am featuring this week a fun post written by Caro @bookcheshirecat who gives us advices about things to do in fall *her GIFs are so adorable* https://bookcheshirecat.wordpress.com/2018/10/05/things-to-do-in-fall-recs-%f0%9f%8d%82/


Now tell me all about your week. What have you done? How are you? What have you read?

Thanks for reading



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  1. I’ve been getting ready to move house so less reading, less blogging, less visiting, less anything I WANT to do in general and it sucks. However, it won’t last forever! (Or so I tell myself, especially when it feels like it’ll never end.)
    I totally get what you mean by focusing on something good everyday. Lots can suck but it’s important to find the good.

    Good luck with sorting out the phone issues and hope you had a great week!

  2. I hope your headaches ease up and give you some relief. And that work slows down some for you. At least enough for you to breathe now and then. How frustrating with your phone troubles! I can only imagine how aggravating that must be. I do hope The Hate U Give will be as good in film form as it is in its book form. I love the book. I hope you have a good week!

  3. Aw man, I’m sorry for what you’ve been going through with headaches but also with your father. I am however happy that you’re past the denial phase of it all and that you seek happiness on a daily basis even if life throws you all these random little obstacles. Hope you have a wonderful rest-of-October, Sophie!

  4. Sounds like life’s been hectic for you, but I love your positive attitude Sophie! My goodness, I think I had the most unproductive week ever last week! Not reading and not writing – not even a blog post. Man, I have no ideas or inspiration and can’t decided what to read??? WTH?!?! Fingers crossed I actually get some things done this week!

  5. Sorry about the headaches. I get a lot of those, too. I once tried to be sneaky and post photos to Instagram from my computer. It didn’t work. Life would be so much easier if I could upload from my computer. Take care of yourself!

  6. I hope you got a chance to walk in the rain! I love those! Do take some rest, it will help you to churn out the content that you want to post this month

    I totally get that feeling when you love a book or author! I have been experiencing that myself lately. Whenever I get an email from this particular author, I literally can’t contain my excitement!

    Take care and have a great week ❤️

  7. I love your outlook, Sophie. Even with Life’s daily annoyances, it’s so good to remember how much we really have. And that often all our “problems” are so small in the grand scheme of things. Sometimes easier said than done, but it’s something I always try to remember.

    Question regarding your beautiful graphics: do you use Photoshop to create them? Or an app? I always admire your gorgeous graphics! 🙂

    I hope this week is off to a great start… and that it’s headache-free!

    1. I use Photoshop Tanya! A fellow blogger gave me private lessons via skype and now I know the basics. Thank you so much!

  8. Your body might be telling you something!
    I turned into a proper grandma lately, going to bed and 9, asleep by 9.30 on most night. LOL. It’s kinda helping tho.

  9. IT issues are annoying at the very least. I hope you get yours sorted out soon. Lots of positive thoughts to your Dad and family.

  10. I am so sorry that you are going through all of these issues. But I would seriously suggest you take some rest. Blogging is fun and all and I do understand the need to post the things, but it is not greater than your health. I am sure people will understand if you missed a post or two.
    And that phone thing really sucks. And I never realised that you can actually post through your computer on Instagram? Thanks for letting me know 😀
    And two books a week is not at all less, at least not for me 😛
    Sending lots of hug for you and your dad 🙂

  11. Sophie make sure you get the rest you need, take care of yourself. I can’t believe the prices for the new phones, I’ve been holding off. I’ve been having problems with my phone, but I’m holding out until prices drop. I still need to read The Hate U Give, I know if I watch the movie first I’ll never get to the book. Enjoy your week ahead.

  12. Sorry about your headaches, stress sucks.
    I am just about to finish The Hate U Give (just 50 more pages, so probably tomorrow). I am not sure I want to see the movie, as I don’t really like crying in public. But I bet it will be excellent.

  13. I’m such a goner when it comes to technology. By the time I figure something out it’s already in the past. I’m sorry about your father and sending well wishes to you all.

  14. That is so frustrating with the phone. I hate their updates as it always messes something up. I am glad your dad is doing ok. I know all about the death part and realized that it happens this way but I didn’t like it. Prayers to him and your family. I don’t mind the complaints we all deserve to get that stuff off our chests every now and then. Have a wonderful week Sophie!

    Mary my #SundayRoundup #39!

  15. Yeah I know I have been getting more headaches lately and I think its lack of sleep and not exercising. When I get more sleep and more exercise in I hardly ever get headaches. Dang body making me be healthy hehe

  16. Hi Sophie!

    I’ve had terrible issues with Instagram lately, my Sunday Post was originally just Instagram posts , but I had to stop that because I just couldn’t get it it work!

    MIght have to try again, as they are always updating and things that stopped working often start again when you least expect it!

    Oh, I still haven’t read The Hate You Give, but I must now, before I see the film!!!

    Sorry to hear about your dad, I totally understand what you mean. Thanks for the great advice. I’ve had a few health issues myself and know how important it is to be thankful for what you have, and the benefit of enjoying each day as it comes. x

    I played the Sunday Meme today, too. Have a wonderful week!

  17. Way back in the early 2000s I probably could have explained your phone problem and how to fix it; now, I am so lost in tech that all I do is stare at broken phones and tablets in despair. 🙂

  18. Sorry about your phone, maybe if you bring it to your provider they can fix it for you.
    My work has been half and half with busy some weeks we are and some we are not. It usually gets busy around now so I might be getting headaches with you.

    Wishing you and your family lots of hugs and love for your dad!

    I hope this week is a good one Sophie! Happy Reading!

    1. You are right about the provider Michelle but it would mean parting with my phone and it’s became so essential nowadays! Thank you <3

  19. Aw sorry to hear about the phone issues, that’s so frustrating. And yay for the author contact- that’s always nice. Wishing you the best regarding your dad. And have a good week. 🙂