Hi friends,

Today is Sunday, time to look back in the rearview mirror and talk about my week in and out of the blog. As usual I am linking up to the Sunday Post hosted for years by Kimberly @caffeinatedreviewer .

In my private life

Well this was the last week off work before the summer!

For once, as I really am confined and had a routine while on holiday, I can’t say that I am sad to work again.

I never thought I would say this but, with the fitness club closed, the theater closed etc. I had nothing to do with my free time but read, walk, create funko pops…nowhere to be at a certain time.

If it felt like bliss in the begining, I notice that I go out of bed later and later and… have not many things accomplished in my days!

That does not sit well with me as I am used to be your industrious bee so yes, I am happy to resume work!


This week, I went to the dentist, walked a lot and did something that I hadn’t done in years: binge watched television!

I swear that I binge watched Bridgerton in two days!!!!

This is a high feat for me!

I am glad to say that I had guessed who was lady Whistleblow LOL


Then I also decluttered my cupboards and cleaned up to make space for …books LOL


I also told you that I made some more funko pops well, after Poppy and Hawke at the beginning of my holiday, meet Aelin from Throne of Glass and Karou from Daughter of Smoke and Bones!

I had a lot of work to realise these two with lots of sending and rebuilding the hair!



On the blog this week


I only published one review but already read four books since january first!

Daughter of Smoke and Bones by Laini Taylor is an all the stars book! Best way to begin the year.

I posted about my more than ten most awaited books of 2021

Now, about my challenges….

Last year, I entered the #audiobookchallenge2020 at level Stenographer (read 10 to 15 audiobooks) but I raised it to Socially Awkward (15 to 20 books). Well, I am pleased to report that I ended being a Binge Listener as I read 30 books and it was between 20 to 30 books.


I plan on entering the challenge yet again this year.

I am chosing Binge Listener (20 to 30 books)  and linking to @caffeinatedreviewer post 

And as for my Goodreads challenge, even if I read 127 books in  2020, I halved my challenge in 2021 as I don’t want any pressure at all this year.


Now do tell me, how was your week?


Thanks for reading!



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  1. Sometimes you just have to let yourself drift and relax. You shouldn’t feel bad about it. I like to be productive all the time too. I hope going back to work has gone well this week.

    Anne – Books of My Heart This is my Sunday Post

  2. I binged Bridgerton in two days too and also guessed lady whistledown. 🙂 I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a second season!

    I wasn’t looking forward to returning to work after Christmas and returning to work in a lockdown (so F/T working from home again) was a bigger adjustment than just going back to work but after almost two weeks of it I’m happy to be back, lol. The sleeping pattern is definitely thankful as I gradually become nocturnal when left to my own devices!

  3. I’m binge watching iZombie at the moment. Loving it! Thankfully there are 5 seasons so I wont run out for a while.
    I’m doing Kimberly’s audiobook challenge again this year too, Sophie.

  4. I want to binge some of the Bridgerton series books before I dive into Netflix. But I don’t know if I can make myself do that with all of these glowing reviews lol! Fingers crossed I can make it and I’m so happy you loved it so much!

  5. My Christmas break also felt kind of lazy, as there was not much else to do but sleep, read and watch TV, but I did really enjoy it as that rarely happens! I also watched Bridgerton, it’s sooo addictive 🙂 Your funkos are so beautiful, I love that you make them yourself!

  6. I got bored during my time off after Christmas too. I had so many plans to be productive but ended up sleeping and reading for most of it instead, haha. I love your two new custom Funkos!

  7. Time off work is certainly weird when you can’t do much, I found I got stuck in a rut of late mornings and lazing about but I’m so glad you watched Bridgerton, was so good!

  8. I do the same thing. If I’m home and have nowhere to be I stay up later and later haha. And Bridgerton- I keep hearing good things.

    Your Funkos are awesome!

  9. Nice job on your audiobook challenge, and I’m glad you’re joining in again this year! And the downtime might have sucked, but at least it gave you a chance to get creative – that’s a gorgeous custom funko!

  10. Yay for you watching The Bridgerton, I binged it in one evening!! LOL I enjoyed it overall as well. Hope you find ways to keep occupied and find purpose, these lockdowns on rough on one mentally. Have a wonderful week of reading darling.

  11. The funko figures are adorable – particularly Karou, who I loved from the book, anyway. Glad you are looking forward to getting back to work and I’m impressed that you have had a declutter – something we desperately need to do. I hope the coming week is a good one, Sophie.

  12. I love your Funko Pops, especially Karou Its hard to believe that we get bored during time off work, but it happens to me too! Hope you have a good week. Sophie

  13. Knowing we are, once again, in lockdown here, isn’t making much difference to our routine. We had that sorted early on last year and both os us said this would go on at least another year (poss more). So we’re all set with work, reading, eating, sleeping, and blogging.

    One thing I am not worried about, is trying to fill every moment with something. I prefer to just stare out the window and watch, well, the weather. I’ve found it calming. 😀

  14. I found my time off was filled with nothing-mindless sort of days and it was anything but productive. I think this was my biggest struggle this past summer-it was just 2.5 months of no schedules and nothing to do that really made me anxious about going back to work. It was rough!
    Love the Funkos-as usual!

  15. I wouldn’t mind having some time off, but I guess with Covid restrictions it does make it a little limiting on what you can do to fill the time. I didn’t make my Audio Challenge goal of 100 books, but I got close with 93 total. I still need to join this years challenge. I might go a little lower so there’s less pressure. Who needs more pressure, especially nowadays! Have a great week, Sophie! 🙂

  16. Way to over-achieve on your audiobook challenge. *high five* What you’re saying is exactly why I have been using my vacation days one at a time, here and there. I saw it happen when I had summers off as a teacher, I would waste time. Now, with nowhere to go, no traveling for my vacation, I cannot stand too many days off in a row. Hopefully better days are in our future, or maybe at least they will figure out how to keep us safe while allowing us more freedom.

  17. I’m sleeping in more now too, Sophie. I used to get up before dawn without an alarm clock. Now I have to set one and hit the snooze more than once. LOL Loving your funkos!