Today is Sunday time to look back in the rearview mirror and talk about my week . I am linking up to the Sunday Post hosted for years by Kimberly@caffeinatedreviewer .

As it’s the first Sunday of September, this will also be my wrap up about my reads in August.

In my private life

Well not much to tell about here.

My daughter just left for Bretagne in France with two other friends and as they were on a tight budget, with the train being very expensive, my husband agreed to drive them nearly to Bretagne (a little lower than Orleans) and be back home in the same day!

He drove 1200 km today (I guess it must be around 800 miles)!

They’ll come back with my daughter’s boyfriend who is vacationing in Bretagne in one week.


As she is moving from dorms this year, I drove to another part of Belgium last Sunday to go fetch a second hand bed a that she had bought online. That’s when I was glad to have a big SUV because it was a queen bed!

Off we went and drove to a garage close to her dorm as she doesn’t have the keys yet.


That aside it’s been life as usual with me going back to the office a second time and seeing three other colleagues there. At the end of the day, I was exhausted as I am no longer used to wake up at 5 AM and run to catch a train!

Things are opening up even more in Belgium but we are monitoring the COVID statistics as people are coming back from holiday in other countries. Two big regions of Belgium (Flanders and Wallonie where I live) have a coverage or 80% people vaccinated (even kids are vaccinated here) but our capital city (and region) Brussels is  resisting. They only have 60% coverage there because many people come from other cultures and either don’t speak the language, either are afraid of the vaccine often based on rumors.

We’ll see what Fall has in store for us.


That aside, it seems that summer is making a come back (or rather a first appearance) for five days in Belgium and I have soaked up the sun the whole afternoon while finishing an ARC. It was bliss!


And as usual, here are some reels I made on Instagram.

One on how to smuggle books in your house


And one to show how my pictures changed since I began my journey on bookstagram!

On the blog in August (click on the graphic to read the post)

Well in August I have read 11 books, which is a good number for me and I flew through one (not yet finished) series The Plated Prisoner for which I’ll post a reveiw next week.

I have read very good books with my lower rating being one 4 stars (Radar Girls) and all the others between 4,5 stars, one 5 stars and a …6 stars!

Here are my three favorites

The Witch Haven by Sacha Peyton Smith was an outstanding atmospheric book that gave me “The Diviners” or “The Golem and the Djinni”‘s vibes!


Travis by Mia Sheridan was an amazing redemption story and a huge surprise! I never thought she would make me love Travis seeing how much I despsied him in Archer’s Voice!


And then, my BIG CRUSH, one that will be in my top reads of the year: Mary Jane by Jessica Anya Blau ! It was an audiobook and I truly invite you to take a chance on that wonderful book! I gave it 6 stars!


OK that’s it! Now I’ll go visit some posts as I was so caught up in my reads that I didn’t blog hop these last few days!

Thanks for reading.




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  1. You’re a busy woman, Sophie – I don’t know how you fit it all in! Hope your daughter and friends have a great time in France – and what a good dad for driving all that way to help them save money.

  2. Wow, big dad points to your husband for doing all that driving. And to you for picking up the bed!
    I am amazed that your area is 80% vaccinated! How wonderful. Florida is only at 53% – and my city is only slightly better at 57%. It’s so frustrating. Things are pretty bad here in Florida but people still refuse to get vaccinated. Ugh!

  3. Wow, that is a lot of driving. Makes me tired just thinking about it, lol. We’ve got a lot of vaccine and mask resistance here too, which has our COVID cases climbing again. Before the Delta variant, we had gotten down to only about 89 new cases a day in my state and now we’re back up to over 4,000 a day. So frustrating. Thanks for sharing links to your Instagram reels. Those are always so much fun to watch. 🙂

  4. Your husband is a superhero for driving that far and you too for getting her the bed. She’s so lucky to have you guys as her parents ♥! Here’s hoping you get to continue to enjoy the weather!

  5. Wow! Such a good reading month for you, im glad!

    Urhh- kids above 12 can be vaccinated here; but the idiots went along and opened the green phase before we obtained the 75% population having gotten their full vaccination so you can guess how BOOMING in cases the past month has been,, leaving me very anxious.

    Happy reading xx

  6. I always envy the rail system you have over there because it’s definitely not as convenient or extensive here in the US. I’m surprised to hear that it’s pricy though, I remember traveling around Europe when I was younger and thinking how dirt cheap it was, lol. Times changing, I guess? How long did it take your husband to all that, wow! I hope your daughter is having fun!

  7. That’s a long way! And moving in to dorms- I had that experience recently as well. 🙂

    Lots of vaccine resistance here as well. Ah, the times we live in…

  8. Wow, your husband drove 800 miles in one day?!! He deserves an award!

    I don’t remember Travis in Archer’s Voice but I’d like to read his story as Archer’s Voice was so good.

  9. And the Best Dad award goes to….Your husband went above and beyond there. I hope your daughter has a nice trip and all goes well. I think NJ is only in the 60s for vaccinations. It’s so easy to get vaccination too. It’s free, you have to have insurance, you can just walk in. You don’t have to show ID. They really removed all barriers. When I see that 99.97% of the Covid hospitalizations are unvaccinated persons, I count myself lucky to be vaccinated. I just don’t get the resistance.