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Hi dear friends,

July’s topic is about OTP! And if you are like me when I first read this OTP means One True Pair :-D 

Basically this is about our favorite couple in books!

The choice is huge as some of my favorites are:

Jace + Clary


Rhysand + Feyre


Aelin + Rowan


Warner + Juliette


Rune + Poppy


Ren + Della


Anne + Thomas

Darlene + Sawyer


Ox + Joe


Javier + Steffen


But ma favorite today is a really adorkable couple! So sweet and charming. So refreshing! A “Pretty Woman” in reverse with the hero being an escort and the heroine from a wealthy upbringing but suffering from autism.

Today my winners are Stella and Michael from The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang!

Favorite quote :

“You smell really, really good. What is it?”

Where was that scent coming from? It seemed to be everywhere on him, but too light. She craved a more concentrated dose.


A funny look crossed his face. “It’s just me, Stella.”

“You smell this good?”

“Apparently. You’re the first to comment on it.”

“I want it all over me.” As the words left her mouth, she worried she’d said the wrong thing. That statement had sounded a little too personal, a little strange. Would he notice how strange she really was? “


Now do tell me who is your favorite OTP?


Thanks for reading!


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      1. OMG YES YOU DO. This book CHANGED MY LIFE. I can guarantee that it will make my top 10 of the year. Yep, even with all those anticipated reads still to come.

  1. Stella and Micheal are great, Warner and Juliette, Jace and Clary are all great! I also love Cass and Anna (Anna Dressed in Blood), Jamie and Claire (Outlander) and I am sure a few others out there. =0)


  2. My favorite TV OTPs are Spuffy (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Queliot (The Magicians) and Klaroline (The Vampire Diaries) but from bookish ones my favorites are Sydney & Adrian (Bloodlines), Will & Tessa (The Infernal Devices), Daemon & Katy (Lux), Simon & Baz (Carry on) and Roth & Layla (The Dark Elements)

    1. Will and Tessa and Daemon and Katy are in my heart too!!!!! I would need ten posts to name evryone LOL

  3. Rhysand gets my vote for everything!!!!

    A Thousand Boy Kisses destroyed me, I was a total blubbing mess!!!! I think it’s the only book I have ever cried to!

  4. Oh, phew, I’m glad you explained OTP meant, Sophie, for a minute there I thought you were speaking in tongues … or code. Either way, I’m not a romance reader, so I can hardly say what I think my fav OTP are. But then, I thought again, and remember reading a Robert Heinlein book where the hero, Oscar, was in love with Star, the Empress of the 7 Universes. The book was called: Glory Road. A romantic adventure if ever there was one. lol

    1. Alexandra, think about Nahri and Dara! Or Nahri and Ali (I think this will be more plausible by this point) !!!

  5. While I was reading your list, I kept nodding my head. I feel like if a romance is successful, that couple is my favorite OTP at that moment. I do agree, that Michael and Stella were so good together. Michael was perfection in being there for Stella and supporting her as she took those emotional steps.

    1. Trisy, please, do me a favor: when you’ll be feeling low, pick this book and forget the world. I promise it will do wonders to lighten your mood!

  6. It is so impossible for me to pick just one OTP. I have so many! Stella + Michael is one. Rhys + Feyre. Jamie + Wes (Him/Us duet by Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy). Tatiana + Alexander. Archer + Bree. I could go on an on! :)

  7. I wish I liked romance novels JUST so I could read this book! It sounds so amazing! Maybe I could just skip the sexy parts. What am I talking about, I can’t just SKIP parts of a book… nevermind. *sigh*