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I’ve been tagged by Sarah @thecleverreader  Thank you Sara!

I’m really happy she chose me as this is one of these very positive tags.

What makes you happy? I think this is a wonderful topic especially in these times of gloom and natural disaster. So let’s try find our inner ray of sunshine!

Sarah has launched her blog some months ago and she has a very interesting book blog where she writes reviews, chat about books and about the authors she’s got to meet and interview. Lucky girl 😉

Just pay her a visit and make up your mind you won’t be disappointed!


Now the What Makes You happy tag is about 5 things that make you happy and 5 songs that make you happy.


Here I go: what makes me happy aside the obvious: reading!


1.What makes me happy is creating.


Be it writing a discussion post, designing a book teaser or some blog graphics or anything else I love creating.

When I was a little kid I wanted to work for Walt Disney. I ended up with a very serious and stressing job so creating is my outlet.

I love creating bookstagrams (it’s like painting but faster) and I love baking! Baking is very creative and you make people happy.

So here I’ll post some of my latest baking adventures from this summer as my son turned 18 and my daughter 16.

It’s a long due “post” that I promised Patty at Moonshinescorner as she loves baking too.

So Patty, especially for you 😉 


2.Walking outdoor.

Be it with my hubs on Sundays or alone or with my dog I love walking in the wild.

When I walk my brain just wanders and enters in a semi trance state. I get to admire the trees, the birds if I’m lucky the foxes (I love foxes).

It’s essential for my well being as my work keeps me seated for long hours.

My best walks happened in US National Parks. The wilderness is splendid there and I would love living in Yellowstone! Maybe in another life?

Walking is also when I get ideas for the blog or interviews 😀 


3.My dog

Of course I love my kids and hubs but kids can be very demanding! They are teenagers/mini adults now and it has its ups and downs.

My dog is a small white fluffy ball or love. She never expects something from me (aside feeding and walking), never complains and is always overjoyed when I come back home. A cuddle with her is the best way to forget all my stress. That’s well known: dogs (pets in general) help lower the blood pressure and keep depression at bay.

Here she is and just tell me if she’s not cute 😉 


4.Singing loudly in my car

Honestly  it happens only when I’m alone but it’s cleansing! I can sing out loud and off key no one complains. I’m Beyonce, Linkin Park or Adele. I’m famous!!! I’m on American Idol or The Voice UK and all judges are enthralled with my talent… so not happening LOL

Singing requires deep breathing and I think that’s why it makes me so joyful.


5. Chatting with other book junkies or authors.

I love reading of course and I love chatting about books with other bookworms. I also love interviewing authors I find it fascinating!


5 songs that make me happy


I would rather choose songs that give me energy and a fighting spirit 😊 As I’m a rock chick with some country and folk in the mix …



I’m tagging these bloggers but if you already did this tag please don’t feel forced to do it again!

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Thank you for reading!


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