Hi dear friends,

Today is Sunday, and I am back from my business trip! Yay! Time to have a chat with you about what happened in my life and on the blog last week, linking back to The Sunday Post @caffeinatedreviewer!

As we are at the end of the month I will combine today’s post with a monthly wrap-up

In my private life first

Well this week I have run like mad since it seems to be a pattern for some weeks now. Between the hubs who is still home from his surgery, the kids who are touchy and grouchy because of the exams they are all trying my patience!

But that will pass so that’s the good news!

Now the other news this week is that I was contacted privately on Instagram by a big US publishing house. They told me they really liked my pictures and would love having me as an influencer for their books.

I swear I nearly cried when I saw their message because they just needed my email address and a US address no PO Box!

I was flattered because yes I am human and devote hours to take these pictures. I love creating and art and took a liking to bookstagram like I never would have imagined. I was so grateful and happy they noticed my pictures!

On the other end I was so desperate and sad because I knew living outside of the US that it would not come to fruition.

Even if I understand the logic behind (shipping costs and all) I could not help but think that’s so unfair :cry:  Because I love their YA books!

Me being me I chose to keep the positive and being noticed for my art but I am only human and it still leaves a slightly bitter taste for a missed opportunity.

Another news related to my developping “craft”: I was also contacted by followers and other people on Instagram asking if I was selling my candles!

I made a new batch last week and got the stickers printed this week to complete the candles. I posted some pictures with my phone on my IG stories and that’s how I was contacted! They asked me to let them know if I opened a shop :-D 

So even if I don’t intend to sell them for now that’s again a praise that filled me with warmth and helps me in these very tyring weeks!

Here are some pictures the candles (they are from my phone so the quality is not the best):


And I know that I have lost of comments to reply!!!


On the blog this week

I have read four books (granted I listened to the audiobook for some time now) and reviewed two of them. The other two will be published next week.

Savaged by Mia Sheridan was a 4,5 stars. Really original and with Archer’s vibes.

Cinder and the Prince of Midnight by Susan Ee was a dark tale in the tradition of the Grimm brothers. 4 stars.

This Monday was pride day in Calendar Girls and if I had several contenders I chose an underdog as winner because that’s why I am blogging: to shout my love for books I think deserve to bet better known! The winner was Stop! by Alison G. Bailey

On Tuesday we spoke about debut novels that I would never have guessed were first works!

Wednesday was about a book I can’t wait to read as it’s one of my unicorn authors and she always destroys me with her books! A Scarcity of Condors by Suanne Laqueur.

On Thursday the discussion topic was about how books make us better persons.


On the blogosphere and publishing world this week

A quizz of course where Epic Read asks: Tell Us Your Reading Habits and We’ll Add a Dash of Magic to Your Bookshelf

Some posts that I loved this week:



The book Nest tells us all about bookstargams



And Trang from bookidote confesses all about her blogging experience

6 Brutal Truths About Blogging


That’s it for this Sunday!

Do tell me all about your week!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. How AWESOME!! I am so happy they contacted you about your pictures and picked you that is so great! Your candles are awesome too! You are amazing! You are an artist. Be proud, you should be cause you are so great!!!


  2. Aww… it’s so disappointing, not being able to participate in that bookish thing :(
    Your pictures are really lovely <3 No wonder you are getting so many curious messages. Candles look cool!

  3. First, it’s a bummer that you can’t get stuff just because you don’t live in the US! But I’m so freaking impressed with those candles…they look professional, like something you’d buy in a store, wowza! You’re so creative!

  4. Oh that was wonderful to hear about being contacted, even if you had to turn them down. Just tp be noticed and recognised is fantastic. We, your faithful, know how much you work at your blog and in everything you do, Sophie. You’re an inspiration, that much I know. And despite all the hardship going on in your life, you continue to be upbeat and positive. Kudos, Sweetie. Certainly, if anyone deserved to be an influencer, you do. And “are” to many!

    And oh, how I would love to buy some of your candles too. You should quit the day job … oh, okay, maybe not just yet! ;-)

    1. Hahaha maybe one day I’ll live from my craft Alexandra who knows ;-) Thank you so much for these kind words!

  5. Congrats on being noticed by a big publisher. I’m so disappointed you couldn’t take advantage of the opportunity – I understand the shipping is expensive, but maybe they could open an exception? Or send you the books in epub/mobi format?

    Also, congrats on having your candles noticed too. Maybe this is a sign for you to open a store. ;)

    Happy readings! ;)
    Tânia @MyLovelySecret

  6. Ahhh! The challenges of being outside the US as a book blogger. I feel that. Still, at least your images have made an impact. Your candles look amazing as well! I hope that this week is less stressful for you! :)

  7. Congrats on the notice from the company…even if it didn’t work out due to being outside the US. Who knows what could happen, though?

    Enjoy your week and your art….and thanks for visiting my blog.

  8. Congrats, Sophie! The first step is being noticed. Sorry to hear about the geographic restrictions, but I’m sure now more opportunities will be coming and hopefully some of them will be able to ship you to!

  9. Congratulations on catching their eye, and for being able to produce such wonderful art, that you got noticed. I am sorry they will not ship outside the US (BOO!!!!)

  10. To be honest your candles look as professional as any I’ve seen around (and I’m not just saying that)- I mean the labels look professionally done, etc. I hope things go well id you decide to sell them- I think you’d do well. Also your Bookstagram posts are pretty impressive, so I’m not surprised you were contacted. Bummer it has to be US only, but you should be proud. :)

    Anyway have a super week.

  11. Yay for being praised by a publisher! Bummer about needing a US Address. Maybe they can still send you some things. Don’t they have a European branch?

    I want to check into Mia Sheridan’s newest. :)

  12. Congrats on having interest in your candles and Instagram. Maybe the US publisher has a UK branch? You could ask. I know some of them I work with have counterparts in other countries. I’ve had their Canadian branch send me stuff even though I live in the US. Anyway, they might be able to refer you to a counterpart there since obviously you have readers here in the US and can still be an influencer. Good luck!

    I hope you have an even better week and get some time for yourself too!

    Here is my Sunday Post   

  13. Thats awesome that a big pub loves your pictures. I can’t imagine how frustrating it must be for people not in the US. I have no idea how much shipping costs, but based on what I have heard, its expensive. Hopefully another opportunity will come your way that DOES ship to you!

  14. Oh I totally feel you!! It sucks that your not able to take the offer of the US publishing house. But you should definitely be very proud! ;)
    Sorry to hear about the grumphy kids.. Mom life is definitely difficult at times.
    Have a great week and happy reading.

  15. Oh my! Those are WONDERFUL accomplishments! I am really happy that you got recognized by people for all the hard work you’ve put into doing what you do. I think acknowledging it alone is a fantastic step and that you shouldn’t be saddened by all the international issues. I’ve encountered similar issues because my province in Canada has particular laws and complicates things, especially regarding giveaways (you’ll notice that the US giveaways always say that they exclude Quebec hahah). Keep up the good work and keep your head high up, Sophie! :D

    1. Thank you Lashaan! And I did not notice that Quebec was excluded! Is it because the main language is French? You all seem speaking English without any problem though!!!

      1. Hahaha nooo it’s because we have a law here that protects us from scammers and it’s so strict and costly that anyone doing giveaways/contests/sweepstakes prefer to just exclude us than to risk making a mistake regarding those laws! Isn’t that fun?

  16. You should feel justly proud of your accomplishments, both in terms of your book photos and your candles. It’s too bad that the publisher isn’t willing to ship outside the U.S., but it might be worth asking them if they could pass your name and Instagram along to their UK or European counterpart, if they have one.

  17. Such a shame to have to miss out on working with the publisher, but like you said, better to focus on the bright side and acknowledge how great it was to be asked! And silly me, but I guess I assumed that you already were selling your candles! Have you been making them just for yourself? I can imagine plenty of people dying to get their hands on them!

    1. Oh that’s sweet Tanya! And yes I’ve been making them for myself because I wanted something special and could not find it. Plus I’ve always loved craft ;-)

  18. It’s so great that a publisher noticed you, but I’m sorry that you’re outside the US. The shipping costs really do suck. I’ve spent more on shipping than the cost of the book to ship outside the US. It really adds up. I still think it’s awesome! Instagram is the hardest for me to get followers/notice from, so I think it really shows how much time and work you put into it.

  19. Congratulations on being honored for your photos. As an artist, that is the highest of praise. And your candles are beautiful. I don’t know how you do all that you do with your busy schedule. Cheers to a new week and I hope things are easing a bit for you stresswise.

  20. Aaaaw even I feel so disappointed. That’s a big missed opportunity but yeah, the positive side is that you were noticed. I’m proud of you. Also, I haven’t been on Instagram so I haven’t really seen your candles until now. And my God, You really should sell them. Please do and when I get back to Instagram, I’ll sure buy candles from you.

    1. That’s a good question Nicci! But the UK publisher would have to love my pictures too and be ready to ship … and with Brexit looming away I don’t know how they feel now.