Today is Sunday time to look back in the rearview mirror and talk about my week . I am linking up to the Sunday Post hosted for years by Kimberly@caffeinatedreviewer .

In my private life

Last Sunday post (two weeks ago now) I told you that I was using the block editor for the first time. Well, now it’s been two weeks and I have no major issues with it.

I think I took to it very easily.

My only problem is the widgets. There seems to be some issues with widgets and I have not resolved these yet. Oh well, I don’t need to add new ones right now so that will have to wait.

It’s been now two weeks that I am off work and it was time! I was exhausted and I am dreading going back again.

Last Monday, I went for a drink and then a movie with a friend.

We are both fully vaccinated. When drinking, we were face to face across a table but tried to keep our distance. No kiss or hug for us either.

Then, once seated at the theater, me both kept our masks one even if now, seeing as only vaccinated people can go to the theater, wearing masks is not mandatory anymore. But I didn’t feel comfortable taking it off.

On Wednesday, I met two of my favorite cousins and we had lunch together.

Again, we all are fully vaccinated but no hugs or kisses. If we couldn’t keep the 1,5 meters distance while eating, we did our best to be careful.

And on Tuesday, my friend phoned me that..she had COVID!

She had no idea where she got it. She has no symptoms aside losing smell. She was mortified and so sorry. But it was not her fault and I know, when going for a drink or a meal, even with us being fully vaccinated and careful that I take a risk. But that’s also why I took the vaccin! To begin to live more or less normally again.

Sooo I phoned everywhere to get tested.

I was tested the day after, this Friday, and my results came back negative. Pfew.

Tomorrow, I’ll have my second test, seven day after our meet, but as I still have no symptoms, I guess that I am good. It seems that us being careful even if vaccinated must have paid somehow. We’ll see…

The bright side was, as the results came back so fast, I was only in quarantine for one day!

That being said, cases are exploding again.

On the blog these last two weeks (click on the graphic to read the post)

I have read five books these last two weeks so I think it’s a win!

Two mini reviews to begin with from books I really enjoyed!

One book that was much awaited , has a lot of wonderful reviews but left me…a little bit diappointed.

A book that is a real hit! I had a hoot listening to Finley Donovan is killing it! Really!

And another book that was a real ugly cry!

That’s it! Thanks for reading!


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  1. Sadly cases are increasing here aswell.. in the last week two of my coworkers got covid; thanksfully I had been wearing my mask aswell as per the spike, but all of us also came out negative. Despite us sharing a pizza (so thankful I was the first to touch it!), and two of our staff never having gotten it, with my manager not having gotten any vaccins

    Happy to hear you remained negative aswell! Take care & be careful xx

  2. So happy to hear you didn’t get Covid. The vaccine doesn’t fully prevent us from getting it just makes it so that we probably only have a mild case with little or no symptoms. My co-worker got it after being vaccinated and she was out for 3 weeks, but she has other health issues. Still, she didn’t need to be hospitalized.

  3. Ooof ohno .. that’s scary! Hopefully she get an easy remission because of the vaccine doing it’s thing.. and that you stay negative
    Cases are waving on & off for us too we’ve been in short circuit/semi lockdown for 5weeks now, because it doesn’t work and we’re still seeing 60-70cases daily because people are tired and don’t listen!!

    Have a good week, Sophie! Xx

  4. Sure hope your friend has a mild case and your next test is negative, Sophie. A friend of mine, fully vaccinated, tested positive for Covid in September. We’d spent several days together at a writer’s retreat, even sharing the same condo and traveling together, but I tested negative. Hope it’s the same case for you!

  5. I am really happy to see that the block editor works so well for you. I didn’t think you would have any bad issues. But some of the widgets they have on it, don’t work that effectively. Its whyI switch back and forth between classic editor and block. I use them for different things.

  6. Widgets don’t work for us either, they just spin and spin and we can’t see anything on the edit side. So I downloaded the plugin Classic Widgets and now we can see and edit if we need to. And yay for being negative! Fingers crossed your second test is the same! We’re really lucky where we live because our cases haven’t ever exploded here, I swear it’s because we get 300+ days of sunshine and are way above average for that, we can spend so much time outdoors even throughout the winter but then again who truly knows. Wishing you a wonderful break and hoping you can get all the reading in that your heart hopes for!♥

  7. My friend who is vaccinated recently got it. You just never know. I’m glad you were negative though and hope it stays that way. Scary huh?

    Only vaccinated people are allowed in the theater- I kinda wish we would do that here. there’s a lot of unvaccinated people and everyone is just walking in places with no masks- America is weird now, at least in that way.

  8. Oh, I am glad you tested negative, but that is a scary time waiting!

    I had a bit of a struggle with Block Editor at first, but now it is easy enough. But I am also having a hard time with widgets!

    Enjoy your week and stay safe. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  9. Sorry for you and your friend. I hope your second test comes back negative too. I totally relate to the stress. I got vaxxed, I wore the mask, I sanitized, and I still got Covid. Glad your friend had no major symptoms though. If you liked that Benway book, you might enjoy Emmy & Oliver. It had that same kind of emotional story.

  10. I am glad your test came back negative! But that was a bad scare anyway… Sadly with the cold there are a lot of new cases around (the good side is that between vaccinated people is less infective and the symptoms are, usually, less severe, but this doesn’t mean that covid has disappeared!) everywhere, and this is juat bad news all around.
    But since you are good and feeling well, yay! And you had ablot of interesting reading!!

  11. I’m so glad your test was negative! My husband got a very mild case of Covid and neither my son nor I got it, so clearly the vaccines are mostly working. I’m getting my third shot (booster) in a couple of weeks. Hope you have a good week

  12. I had the vaccine and still got Covid. It was bad and took a long time to recover. I’m so happy you are alright! And cases are rising here. I’m still wearing a mask even though most people aren’t anymore. And I still worry about getting it again and people I know have had it more than once. Be safe:)

  13. What a scare for both of you! I’m glad you’re okay and your friend has minor symptoms. Thankfully, the vaccine protected you from a worse scenario. Did your family need to get tested, as well?

  14. Yes, we are still being very careful even if we are out and about more after being vaccinated. I don’t think things are going to go well this winter. Too many who are lazy or stupid about precautions and vaccines. It looks like you had some great reads! Enjoy your break.

    Anne – Books of My Heart This is my Sunday Post