From New York Times bestselling author Amy Harmon comes a sweepingly romantic tale of risk, redemption, and what happens when America’s most famous outlaw falls in love.

When infamous outlaw Butch Cassidy decides to go straight, he discovers that too many of the powerful men he crossed won’t let bygones be bygones. To have a chance at a new life, he’ll have to become someone else entirely.

A brief, fateful encounter with the celebrated singer Jane Touissant on the eve of his escape offers a glimpse of what might have been, but Butch disappears, leaving her behind, until their paths unexpectedly converge again in Paris.

Despite having discovered his true identity, Jane trusts the outlaw and enlists his protection on her upcoming American tour. Although Butch is reluctant to agree, fearing his sordid past may put the woman and her young son in danger, the salvation she offers is too hard to resist.

As they set forth on their journey, Butch’s past and Jane’s secrets put them at risk from threats far greater than the law, and this legend of the American West will have to decide what matters most—his life, his legacy, or the woman he loves.


5 stars

“Everyone deserves a love story, even an outlaw.”

Amy ‘s writing is flawless, graceful as ever and that historical fiction is full of loveable characters (even grumpy Harry) and soul-searing moments. She has unexpectedly made me see Butch Cassidy as a Robin Hood of the Far west, a gentle man robber.

Sorry if I will once again bombard you with quotes but that’s what happens with every Amy Harmon book! I honestly don’t understand why she is not more praised on Instagram or Tiktok or whatnot because every one of her twenty books is a little jewel!

And The Outlaw Noble Salt, true to what’s now a tradition, had me highlighting like mad!

The Outlaw Noble Salt is a fiction about Butch Cassidy that had me in its thrall!

Butch Cassidy wants out. He is nearing forty and is tired of a life of robbery. Head of the Wild Bunch, robbing trains and banks, Butch Cassidy is like a Robin Hood of the Far West. He never hurt anyone and took from wealthy people with insurance to give back to small people.

The older of a family with thirteen kids, he unexpectedly became the leader of The Wild Bunch whose members trailed him like unruly children.

Cats  do what they damn well please. Just like cowboys. We all want to roam. Never grow up. Never settle down. Our fathers all did it hard. We wanted easy. But easy had a venomous bite, and it’s a long, painful death. Not one of the boys I rode with came out ahead. Not one.”

Butch Cassidy is tired of always running yet can’t see a way out. And his life is about to be changed forever on a fateful day at Carnegie Hall when he went to see Jane Toussaint singing.

That day, he fell in love unconditionally.

“And then…I went to see Jane Toussaint at Carnegie Hall. I saw a woman onstage, a woman whose voice cracked me open, and I loved you on sight. I think…that was the night I stopped being Peter Pan.”

I love tropes where “he falls first” like the social media say and that was certainly true for this romance!

“No. I call you honey because that’s the way you make me feel. Soft and warm and golden.”

Their chance encounter happened when Jane’s son, Augustus was sick and Butch assumed the identity of a “doctor” Noble Salt. Mother and son both will be taken by “Noble Salt”. When they meet again years later, Jane needing protection, it will be a warm reunion.

I adored Augustus quips in the book. He is extremely smart and loveable!

“I need a man in my life. How can mama teach me to be a man if she is not a man?”

Marked on his face at birth, the little kid tried to avoid making others uncomfortable.

“You’re unforgettable kid. Nobody’s going to forget your face. That’s a blessing in disguise. Let it keep you honest. Let it keep you good. Live in a way you can hold your head up high, because people will remember you.”

Even without the romance Amy had me all mushy inside witnessing the love bloom between that gentle outlaw and that smart and solemn kid!

“Mister Noble Salt

Blue eyes, strong hands, gentle voice

Can I call you Dad?”

I was just swooning!

Jane and Butch’s love was a slow burn, very real, extremely touching and deep. Jane Toussaint came from the gutter, was an orphan and worked hard to rise above her station, to be the best , to become “ a songstress of the highest order”.

Fiercely protective of her son,  Jane had been used and abused all her life. She didn’t know how to love. How to be amenable, warm.

And that’s when Amy’s magic happened, to give us an outlaw with a golden heart, patient and dedicated, determined to show that proud woman all the love she could feel and give.

“You haven’t been loved hard enough. You haven’t been loved well enough. And you’re like a little wounded she-wolf, snapping at me and licking your wounds.”

Well done Amy, you made me fall head over heels in love with your story.

Thanks for reading.


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  1. I have not read a Harmon’s book in ages, but from what I remember she really has all the numbers to be a Tik Tok darling!
    And I am glad you enjoyed this one so much! Reading your review was such a pleasure!!