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Today is Sunday again and it is a sunny day in our little Belgium! Before reading a book in my garden to soak in the sun I wanted to share the weekly news and link this Sunday Post to the one hosted by Kimberly @caffeinatedreviewer


In my private life

 I went to the doctor this week as I had pain in my chest and arms. She was not too concerned, probably a lack of magnesium indeed so that was reassuring!

My doctor is not as intimidating as Dr House but I love that series so much I could not resist using that GIF! :-D

My heart is beating faster than one year ago. For years it beat 52 times a minute thanks to all the sport that I am doing and now I am at 75! Pretty normal for everyone but a big change for me. Stress, lack of sleep and lack of magnesium can cause the heart to beat faster. I can tick all these boxes!

As I do a lot of sports she is sending me to a cardiologist to have a test meant for athletes (even if I would not call me an athlete at all …). I guess we will be completely reassured so let’s do this!


A sweet thing happened to me too. A new author seems to love my Instagram feed and asked to send me her book to feature in my feed and for review! I got the physical book in my mail this week and I can’t wait to dive in. I know it’s also a risk as with every new author I have no idea about the quality and maturity of her writing but …we’ll see!


Now on the fun part about this week…

My mom is 79 years old but goes to the fitness club every day, partly because of the pool.

We have aquaboxing classes on Saturday morning and granted, my mom does it without the tools to increase the difficulty but she is still present every week.

The only problem is that she is late nearly every time!

Our coach hates tardiness and usually dive/bomb close to the late incomer to drench him or her in water.

This time he decided on another tactic for my mother.

He filled a big bucket with cold water from the pool and the second she crossed the treshold of the pool he threw the water at my mom! I had not warned her because I knew what would follow and wanted to see…

My mom took the abandoned bucket as soon as the coach turned back to teach, filled it with water and when our coach realized her intention he began running around the pool my mom chasing him with the bucket until she got her revenge!

Coach 1-Mom 1.

I laughed hysterically in the pool right alongside all the other swimmers!

Now you know whom I am taking after :-D 

I want to be my mom when I grow up!


On the blog

Well I am true to what I’d said and am slightly slowing down and mainly post reviews, the Top 5 Tuesday and the Thursday weekly discussion.

I reviewed two books this week, all excellent and read three other books too (review coming next week). All so different from each other!

The Body Painter by Pepper Winters is definitely adult and very dark tortured yet so gripping!

And I finally read The Raven Boys! I will read the others in the series as I so loved it! YA fantasty on the menu with a mysterious and hypnotic atmosphere like Maggie Stiefvater can create!

The Top 5 Tuesday was about our top dystopian books but this being a romance blog I gave it a little spin and focused on my favorite dystopian book boyfriends (and kicked myself right after as I had forgotten Warner!)

This week’s discussion was a light and funny one. I wanted to know everything that you’d do for books and told all that I have done so far (from readwalking to creating this blog).

On the blogosphere and in the literary world

Epic Reads has a fun quizz about “Which celebrity should you share a shelf with”

I got this result and …not far from the truth!

“You’d share a bookshelf with Lili Reinhart!

Your bookshelf would be filled with bestsellers, from rom-coms and thrillers to everything considered classic. You probably have a special shelf just for pop culture anthologies.”


This week I really enjoyed Sam’s post about how it was for her before blogging (kind of like before Christ but …)


Now it’s your turn! Do tell me what happened in your life this week!


Thanks for reading




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  1. I’m laughing so hard about what your mom did! I love her spunk and sass! Go her for getting the coach back lol, I love it! Thank you so much for the laugh and smile!
    And yay for the author reaching out to you! That’s so amazing! Fingers crossed you enjoy the book!
    And sending you hugs for your heart test. I had an ekg, had to wear a monitor for 72 hours and do a stress test on an elliptical while running in my 20s for my heart, and they were all simple, non scary procedures. You’ve got this!

    1. Thanks Jen! And happy to have made you laugh! My mom is one of a kind honestly. She is also clumsy and sometimes naive and so we end up in fits of laughter more often than not! The best part is that she is never vexed and laughs with us ;-)

  2. That is an awesome story about your mom :D

    Also I just got an apple watch so I can finally check my resting heart beat and its been at 71. I am 27 and in fairly decent shape so it should probably be a bit lower haha, but 52 is crazy low!

    I would share a bookshelf with Zendaya and I am super happy with that result :D

  3. I hope those tests come out well Sophie! And that’s pretty great that your Instagram account is getting noticed. Oh my goodness, your mom is priceless! The coach may have though his was making a point but I think your mom made hers, too! LOL

  4. About six months ago I discovered my heart beat was faster too and the doctor said it was stress and a change in my physical activities. Still kind of scared me. I’m glad you are okay.

  5. Your titles for these posts are always interesting. :) Glad you’re having some nice weather! And congrats on the Imstagram thing!!

    Remind me not to mess with your mom lol!

  6. Your mum sounds like a blast. Her good humour (and exercise) will keep her young at heart. And talking heart. I’ve always had a fast beating heart, especially when I was a kid. My dad called me a humming bird. Now I have to take pills to slow it down. Hope your heart’s okay, Sophie, do take good care of it and yourself.

  7. I’m glad you got things checked out. My legs were cramping and they suggested magnesium and I haven’t had cramps since taking it. Magnesium is a key mineral.

    How lovely that the author liked your work! It is flattering. I find it hard because I often get so many review requests from publishers, and authors. I want to read them all. I have taken a couple from authors and not loved them. Mostly I am lucky to get great things. Good luck!

    Have a lovely week and enjoy more good books!

  8. I’m glad you’re getting tests done with a cardiologist, Sophie, better to be safe than sorry, right?
    I laughed so hard at your mom’s shenanigans. That’s just too funny :D
    *gasp* you forgot Warren for your favorite dystopian book boyfriends? That’s blasphemy o.O Is there a way for you to change your post?
    Have a wonderful week ahead and happy reading xoxo

  9. It’s so nice the your hard work on Instagram is being recognized. I hope the book is great! Your mom is too fabulous. I love that you aqua box, and then she returns pranks with the coach. Stupendous! Congratulations on winning the Book Blogger award for romance!!!! I was excited to see someone I follow on the list.