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In my private life

Happy Sunday!

It’s been sunny for two weeks here and it’s such a blessing for the soul!

My week went pretty well until this morning, when my mom of 82 years old told me she couldn’t come visit me because she had a light on her dashboard telling her there was a problem with the motor oil.

My mom is a widow and has a Volkswagen Polo of 3 years so basically a new car as she does not drive a lot.

Digging deeper, she confessed that she had a message asking her to go for the annual check for months but “her sister told her just to ignore it as she didn’t drive a lot”!
For heaven’s sake!!!

Followed me lecturing my mother about phoning the car shop (you know, the one who specializes in selling and repairing cars, unlike my godmother…) when she had a message and even more so, a light on her dashboard!

I ended up feeling guilty as I saw that I had stressed her a lot yet it was also necessary to make her get it!
Now she is really an independent woman so seeing herself diminished somehow or not grasping what was serious or not hurt her

When your kids are old enough to fly with their own wings, your parents age and need you… sigh.

All while indeed what I want to do is watch Bridgerton season 2! LOL

I hijacked the TV yesterday to watch the first two episodes while my husband courageaously fled the living room to go watch his things on his computer.
It seems that rakish viscounts are not a priority on his life’s list…

What can I say, I love seeing all the gowns and listening the the gossips and jabs. It’s a nice refreshment from the horror happening at the moment.

Oh and to end up on a light and funny note, I’ll leave you with another reel of mine.

On the blog (click on the graphic to read the post)

I did better this week as I had planned all my reviews last Sunday!
So I ended up posting three reviews and a Top Ten Tuesday

Also this week I DNFd two romance books: one because I found the characters so immature (while they are teenagers so of course they would be immature) and the other because it was instant attraction and the heroine was so gullible and…I learned there was cheating.
Why does it seem that me, a die hard romance reader, have become very picky when romance is involved???

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Oh man, you mom sounds like my mother in law – we feel bad for bugging her but a lot of it is really for her own safety! I think the older one gets, the tougher it is to accept that you may not be as independent as before.

  2. Oh no to your aunt, here’s hoping if the light ever comes on again she’ll tell you instead of her eeps! And I’m so glad that you were able to have me time and watch Season 2, thank goodness for happy moments!

  3. I’m having a similar experience with my parents, Sophie. Going to visit them next week and they’re making a list of tech-type things for me to take care of for them. Have a great week – hope you get in some Bridgerton time!

  4. It is hard when we get our roles inverted with our parents, but your mom is doing great!!
    And you did great on the blog too! Lately I am not really a good blogger, with me being tired and not in a bad mood, but I am getting therr, and you did great!

  5. It’s a weird reversal, indeed, when we realize that we need to be our parents’ parents! But even though there is that feeling of guilt when we need to “scold” them a little, it’s important to remember it’s for their own good…

    As for Bridgerton, I’m trying to pace myself so as not to finish it all too soon! πŸ˜‰

  6. I’m going through too similar with my mom too – it is hard for us both like I’m sure it is for you but I know we are so lucky to all have each other πŸ™‚ “Courageously fled” made me LOL – mine came out of where he had holed up in his office at one point to ask if I really needed it to be THAT loud. The answer was yes, 100%, go away. πŸ™‚

  7. Your mom sounds like she is quite the woman, despite ignoring the warnings on her car! I am sure she is feeling lucky to have you to lean on, Sophie! I hope that you are enjoying Bridgerton. I still need to watch season one! *hides*

  8. I’m glad you found some good reads this week and got to watch Bridgerton. It’s hard to be the one in the middle and work on things for 3 generations of family.

    Anne – Books of My Heart This is my Sunday Post

  9. I’m so about all the trouble with your mom. That’s so hard to deal with. I didn’t realize S2 of Bridgerton had dropped. I’ll have to get on that. πŸ™‚ I hope you have a better week.

  10. You were right to be a little forceful with your mum about her car. It’s so important these days, at her age to, to make sure the care is safe when she uses it.

    Oh, we binge watched Bridgerton Friday and Saturday nights and now, feel like we want to watch it all again. It’s so damn good. The wit, humour, pathos, and yes, the snark are fun, as are the gowns, the jewels and the settings. It’s just the antidote to take us away from the horror going on in the world, if just for a moment.

  11. Oh dear… I feel for you Sophie! I often find myself having to give my mum a “life lecture” too and then I sit and feel guilty wondering when I became the grown up in the family and why I need to explain pretty simple things (like not ignoring check engine lights) to a parent. *sigh*

    I haven’t started Bridgerton S2 yet. I’m saving it for when I have a day all to myself so I can sit and binge it. πŸ™‚

  12. I loved the first season of Bridgerton, but as I started the first episode of Season II, i felt bored. What’s up with that? I am sure to try again, though.

    I think I’m glad that I gave up my car when I left my condo three years ago. Maintenance was a challenge. But…using Rideshare worked well until the Pandemic, and then picked up again a few months ago. But now the prices are escalating! Still less expense than maintaining a car, though.

    Enjoy your week and your books…and I hope Bridgerton works out well.

  13. Mr Beware of the Reader needs to get into that historical fiction!!!! I’ve watched the 2nd season now and loved it! I didnt think I would as I didn’t really like Anthony but seeing his back story really helped.

  14. One is never too old to have a check up, I think, as we get more things to complain about physically as we age. I see my docs much more now than I ever did!

  15. I am always the only person never watching the hot movie or TV show, but I hope you are enjoying the new season. I am right there with you, but with my mom it’s technological things. I try to teach her how to google (like I do), but she doesn’t want to. They took care of us, and now, we must take care of them. You’re a good daughter.

  16. Reading about your mum and her car make me wish I lived close enough to help my mum when she needs it. She hates leaving the house and since my father passed away she gets nothing done and my two adult siblings that live there are POS.

    I finally finished Bridgerton S2 yesterday! I have mixed feelings to be sure.