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Today is Sunday, time to look back in the rearview mirror and talk about my week in and out of the blog. As usual I am linking up to the Sunday Post hosted for years by Kimberly @caffeinatedreviewer .


In my private life

This week has been eventful. We are still on lockdown and my daughter is still in her dormitory but last weekend she called me as she had a health problem. We tried to solve it from afar and have her see a local specialist but not a single doctor accepted to take a new patient!

Her only choice would have been to go to the ER but with the Covid, we wanted to avoid that if possible.

On Tuesday, I phoned our usual specialist and she called my daughter back.

She judged it serious enough to ask me to drive her to her office and be examined.

So, quarantine and all, I drove 150 km before beginning my workday on Thursday. Back and forth between her dorm, the doctor’s office, the hospital to leave the tests, back to her dorm and finally, home again!

I was so stressed to meet a police car, as we should not drive except for emergencies but I thought her health was an emergency, especially as no doctors where she now lives agreed to see her!

It was followed by a headache on Friday as the pressure lowered….


That aside, I also decided to block my lunch time in my outlook agenda and I will add two periods of 15 minutes break during my work days.

Being home means that I have skype meetings upon skype meetings with no breaks between. But looking at a screen all the time and not having five minutes to destress and move gives me back and butt pains plus headaches!

So I am taking my health in my hands and will schedule said breaks.

I’ll be more efficient right after with a rested brain!


Last news: you know my husband saved my blog last week. Well the host company answered this week, six days later, that they will look into it! Since I know that my blog has sometimes been unavailable because the hosting platform had some incidents. Sigh. I hope everything will be back in order soon enough.


On the blog this week (click on the graphic to read the post)

Well I wanted to have an April wrap-up and just highlight my best reads of April.

April has been a slow month reading wise as I’ve only read 10 books but one was kind of a mammoth!

My favorite reads in April are:

Crescent City by Sarah J Maas with a 6 stars! Honestly she never ceases to amaze me! And that grand finale!!!

Where the Lost Wander by Amy Harmon : 5 stars and certainly one of Amy’s top three!

This week I have only posted about the Top 5 Tuesday and the series that I still had to read but ….

In the blogosphere and literary world

As it seems that all my usual sources for quiz are currently jobless, let’s use the good old Goodreads and see if you would survive the Hunger Games!

Click on the graphic to take the quiz.

That’s it for this week as I am in a hurry!

Let me know: how was your week? I promise to catch up with you soon!

Thanks for reading.






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  1. I’m so sorry about your daughter, Sophie, I hope she’s ok? That’s so hard as a parent to not be able to help your child when they’re sick. But don’t forget to take care of you, Mom! And wow, you read 10 books this month? That’s awesome! Have a better week my friend!

  2. I hope your daughter is doing better! You are an awesome mom!! I know I wouldn’t have been able to deal with last weekend if it weren’t for my mom who also dropped everything to help me. Moms are the best <3

  3. Oh, I hope your daughter is okay! I’m sure the police would understand if you explained. Your health is important so scheduling breaks is a must. Hope you feel better, Sophie!

  4. This situation is making things more difficult, piling up anxiety upon anxiety, but I want to be optimistic and think that this will make us stronger in the end…. I hope your daughter is improving! My best wishes 🙂

  5. Mom to the rescue! And heck yeah, if my kid was having health problems and no doctor would see her, you can believe I take it as an emergency and would take matters into my own hands too, and I DARE any police officer to stop me, lol – they’d get an earful! At times like this, it’s best to have peace of mind as a parent, and I’m glad you got your daughter, she is lucky to have such an awesome mom 🙂

  6. I pre-ordered Crescent City, but haven’t started it yet! I am OBSESSED with ACOTAR and I’m worried it won’t live up to my expectations. Everyone is telling me to READ IT NOW, but I feel so conflicted, haha. Reader problems, right? I hope your daughter is doing okay, and it baffles me that no doctors would take a new patient given the circumstances. I hope you find a new routine that works, so you body and brain can reset between Skype calls. 🙂

    Lindsi @ Do You Dog-ear?

  7. Wow, that sounds so stressful. I’m glad you were able to get to your daughter and get her to a doctor. I completely agree about the need to schedule in little breaks throughout your at-home workday. I have to make myself get up periodically too and just walk away for a few minutes to relax and stretch my muscles.

  8. oh no ….such a difficult situation and I don’t see why doctor visits aren’t essential. People still suffer from health issues other than COVID too. Hope your daughter is feeling better. Sending love and peace.

  9. I very much hope your daughter is now feeling better – it seems like a real dereliction of duty if there was no medical provision for her there. How can that happen?? And yes – you definitely need to build breaks into such a gruelling schedule. I hope the coming week is a lot kinder:).

  10. Oh no that sounds very stressful! Hope your daughter is doing okay, that would be scary to have your child away and needing help like that. And endless Skype meetings… ugh. Not fun.

    A Hunger games quiz??!?? Fun!

  11. Oh my goodness! That was a really stressful situation with your daughter. I cannot believe the doctor’s in her area would not see her. I hope she is ok. That’s smart to schedule your lunch and breaks, then they cannot schedule you in meetings. I got into the zone a lot this week, and kept forgetting to take my time. I am living proof of Newton’s First Law, and should just keep going once I start. I hope this week comes without another health scare.

  12. I read Crush the King and the Crescent City excerpt. I plan to get that on audio at some point. I hope your daughter is better. There seem to be lots of people out and about here which makes me nervous, also as they start opening up more things when the cases / deaths are still increasing. We are staying home.

    Take care, be kind and sensible!

    Anne – Books of My Heart Here is my Sunday Post   

  13. I hope everything is okay now with your daughter and that she will feel better soon!

    10 books a month would be a miracle for me these days. I’m lucky if I read 3 a month.

      1. It’s so funny because I read a book in two days between yesterday and today. It was a reread of one of my all time favs, Managed by Kristen Callihan. So now my game plan is to reread old favorites.

  14. 10 books is amazing!

    Hope your daughter is ok, did the police stop you and ask what you were doing?

    I feel your pain of working from home and headaches and back aches. I have a ‘special chair’ at work as I have back and neck issues and sitting on my dining room chair all day is slowly crippling me!

  15. I hope your daughter is doing well. How frustrating that no local doctors would agree to see her. And kudos to you for building in some breaks to your work day. Early on in the WFH i found that I was actually sitting at my computer longer than if I was at the office. So I had to rearrange my schedule and make sure I was getting up for walks.