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Today is Sunday, time to look back in the rearview mirror and talk about my week in and out of the blog. As usual I am linking up to the Sunday Post hosted for years by Kimberly @caffeinatedreviewer .


In my private life

Well not much to say this week, just that I was enjoying my second week of staycation while Belgium is in lockdown.

My kids were both back home this weekend to that was great to see them again.


Honestly I was struggling mentally this week. I had many nightmares, all about COVID and I was really bummed at not being chosen as a rep for a company I really love. I know, I know, it’s silly as I am 50 and should know better!

But I think this very stressful year had me a little bit dramatic…


I bounced back quickly as we did something fun on Instagram!

I am a rep for Beacon Book Box and I had an idea for a reels that would have the help of other reps. They were on board and I morphed into a video director plus I had to learn how to edit a video! I made mistakes but practice makes it perfect and I am very happy with the end result.

I will leave you the link bellow if you are curious (plus all likes, comments and suggestions are welcome).

What I really liked here was:

1)I challenged myself and had to learn new skills;

2)The collaboration! It always amazes me how this community, an on bookstagram this is the same, is always ready to jump in and create a common project across oceans while we have never met in the flesh!

3) It was fun! We all laughed and had our “signature”. Lots of chat etc and in these times of isolation this was really like a breathe of fresh air!

4) My husband helped! He took my video with my phone so that was great to see him step into my world :-D 

Here is the link to watch it: https://www.instagram.com/reel/CHnuLQ1APY_/


On the blog this week (click on the graphic to read the post)

I reviewed three books!

My disappointment was a very hyped and beautiful book that just didn’t “click” with me: The Invisible Life of Addie larue by VE Schwab

One that was so much fun on the other hand was Roommate by Rosie Danan! 4,5 stars and I said it was “like a Hallmark movie with a porn star as the hero” ;-) 

And the one that made me fall in love with Kerri Maniscalco’s writing is Kingdom of the Wicked. 5 stars and I need more Wrath!


I also posted the Top 5 Tuesday with Top 5 Books I had not read yet.


And the Top 10 Tuesday with books whose title would make great song title too. I added the genre and the singer too ;-) 




That was my week! How was your week?

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Your Instagram is brilliant! It’s always so colourful! I tried Reels but failed miserably, well done for your video skills! It is great fun playing with the bits and bobs!

    Sorry to hear you’ve been feeling down, it’s only natural to feel upset or annoyed, we are only human. I’m waiting to hear back from a job interview and that is making me feel down.

  2. I’ve always wanted to try video editing but it seems so intimidating haha :) So cool that you learned new skills and had fun collaborating on this project with fellow book lovers!

  3. Yay for both of your kids being home this last weekend! And hugs, this year has just been hard, hugs hugs hugs! I just started teaching my littles and husband piano and the last lessons was learning to improvise. I’ve played piano for 34 years and never done that before lol, so I loved learning something new. Enjoy your staycation ♥!

  4. Sorry this week was stressful. I know all about COVID nightmares! We still can’t get people to wear a mask here in the US. I get super upset when I don’t get chosen for things as well. Denial hurts no matter your age!

  5. Sorry you didn’t get chosen as a rep, but the collaboration you did sounds awesome. Good for you! I hope you enjoy your staycation with the kids. At least you are together, right?

  6. Well, you did really well with the video, Sophie. I love challenging myself to figure out new things, so know that this take time and skill, which you have in abundance.

  7. That’s great! I always enjoy when I can manage to learn new things. I have the Roommate and I’m a little behind on getting it read and reviewed. I use December as a catch up and try not to take new ARCs. Enjoy your break and stay well!

    Anne – Books of My Heart This is my Sunday Post