Why I think Empire of the Damned will be worth 6 stars or all the stars.

A different kind of post today: a prediction post!

When I saw that I had been approved on Netgalley for a copy of Empire of the Damned, I thought I had won the lottery!

But the more I read and saw my rapid progress, the more I suspected something was amiss! And I was right as it turned out that I didn’t get the whole story but an excerpt only!!!

Granted, this is a 200 pages excerpt so about 30% of the book but now I am lamenting as I have to wait a month to finally get the whole book!


That also makes me in a very good position to give some predictions about the rating and awesomeness of that sequel!

So why do I think Empire of the Damned will be worth at least 6 stars?

Because when reading that excerpt, I thought: “It’s like a Sergio Leone western cross with interview with a  vampire. We have the wounded hero whose family died seeking revenge on all vampires. He is crude, rude, strong , courageous and still has a heart. And we have duels with powerful vampires and their armies, when all odds are against the hero.

And it really is like these western movies because Gabriel de Leon has a foul mouth, he is swearing like a sailor but he is also determined to protect his charge, Dior, at whatever cost.

Then we also have a variety of villains.

Some being morally grey like Celene, Gabe’s sister turned vampire and called a liathe.

Celene was a real “piece of work” (I am trying to stay polite here) and love is certainly not what motivates her to help Gabriel! But she also was a total badass!

I really admired her!

If Gabriel is the experienced warrior/loner in our western, Dior looks like the green cowboy, wanting to prove herself. Full of hope and energy but lacking in experience. Having raised herself for some time now, living on the street, she too has a foul mouth an lots of sass so that gives us incredible banter filled with sarcastic retorts

I know we can’t quote from ARCs and I bet even less from excerpt but I so wish I could!

The writing is EPIC!!!

Going from powerful when Celene gives all her titles before announcing that she will be the end of someone to having me snickering when Dior gave as good as she got from Gabe!

I love the elegant writing, the old language mixed with crude and foul mouth of Gabe.

The characters are also amazing!

Not only Gabriel who is a rough man with a big heart and no fear for the battles ahead but Dior and her ironwill, Celene’s badassery and other characters I won’t mention for fear of spoiling you!

Add to it that there is of course a quest/race to save mankind and lots of twists and turns!

Now tell me you don’t think it will be amazing hu?

Thanks for reading.


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  1. I also thought it was the whole book, Sophie. I don’t remember seeing anywhere that it was an excerpt. I never request those. Still, I’m beyond excited for this book – but still have to read the first one!

  2. I can hardly wait to read this book!!! There was little doubt that it would be another amazing read like its predecessor, but your comments have just raised my expectations by a factor of ten – or maybe a hundred… 😉