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Today is Sunday time to look back on my week and have a little chitchat with you all! As usual I am linking back to Kimberly’s Sunday Post @caffeinatedbookreviewer

In my personal life first

When I was in high school my English teacher (the best teacher I have ever had) told us that Brittish people love talking about the weather when they meet you for the first time. You know to make polite conversation.

Well I love Brittish people and I have lived several months in London so I can say that today I will “do my Brittish” and talk about the weather!

For days now it’s been really windy here. Like storm wind. And this Sunday they predict guts of wind to reach 100 km/h (more than 62 Miles/hour)!


It is very hard to sleep with all the noise and my daughter and I have been known this week for sleeping on the couches as the living room is on the ground floor. One night when I moved from my bedroom to the couch I nearly crushed my daughter choosing the biggest couch! I had not seen she was already asleep on it πŸ˜€Β 

Let’s hope that by next Sunday our rooftop will have made it unscathed!

The rest of the week has been pretty uneventful for a change as the kids are on holiday for one week. Many people went skiing in France or Austria and commuting has been bliss: no fighting to get a seat!


On the blog this week (click on the graphic to read the post)

I have reviewed three books and read two more books!

Covet was a really emotional and fantastic read! 4,5 stars and just so you know the author made me face one of my huge triggers!

I gave all the stars to Beneath a Scarlet Sky by Mark T Sullivan! It was an audiobook. That story inspired by the true story of a young Italian on WWII was fantastic and the narrator was brilliant! Yes I am slowly warming up to audiobooks when they are like memoirs, true stories etc. On a side note, I got a private message on Goodreads from another reader who pointed out inaccuracies in the story. Mark Sullivan would have taken liberties, especially concerning General Leyers role. It was really interesting conversing with her even if I kept my review as I had reviewed the story that I listened to, not the history!

A List of Cages by Robin Roe has been such an emotional yet beautiful YA story! I read it after having heard so many of you raving about that book! It was a 5 stars review.


On the meme side I nearly forgot to post my “Calendar Girls” post about strong women! February flew by and I didn’t realize it was the first Monday of March!

We are out of Hogwarts houses in our Top 5 Tuesday and Shanah asked us to show our favorite book spines!

As spines are never displayed on Amazon or Goodreads the only way to show them was by taking pictures of actual spines! That’s when I explained the difference between a pic in artificial light and in real light.

I admit that I love the discussion posts and the reactions, comments they gather! This week I asked what you were looking for in blogs. What are you expecting from bloggers? Do you want them neutral or opinionated? Blogging about books only or something else?

Before we part ways, here are some quizzes and interesting posts!

Quizzes for boys and girls here!

Epic reads offer to discover which fairy-tale villain you’d be by building your palace!

And Epic reads again gives you the opportunity to invent your book girlfiend!

On the blogosphere this week, things I’ve really loved

Anne-Marie gives advices on how to write a villain!!! Really interesting read!



Bibi talks about YA yay or nay and why she does not read them.


Now do tell me how was your week! And happy Sunday!

Thanks for reading.



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    1. It’s less windy but there are lots of rain! But we had a shortage of water this summer so that’s good!

  1. Hahaha yes weather is definitely a conversation starter here. Sometimes I dip into that conversation before I even realise I am going it! I hope you will be safe from the windy weather – your roof included!

  2. I ADORED Under the Scarlet Sky. Him crying for Anna annoyed me but finally, we moved past that. The writing was amazing and yes the story is not completely accurate but it was this man’s account of it. It was heartbreaking. I will have to check out the other reviews!


    1. Oh you read it Mary??? You are one of the few that I follow who did and I am so happy that you loved it!

  3. Well, I hope you survived the weather and terrible winds, and made it back to your own bed, Sophie. Here, we’ve had crazy wind, though not nearly as bad as where you are. But we’ve also had 55+ cms or snow since Saturday night. And while it’s still windy here this morning, at least the snow has stopped. Phew!

  4. Sounds like some wild weather you’re having! Hope that wind calms down soon (before the roof blows off). A List of Cages absolutely broke me. I can’t remember if I ever did a review of it because it was just too much to talk about. I just wanted to hug Julian and make everything okay. *sobs*

  5. I can’t sleep when it’s windy outside either. I’ve always heard the expression about March that it’s “in like a lion but out like a lamb” in reference to the wind and weather, so hopefully it will calm down for you soon.

  6. I’m amazed, I must say. Seldom do I come across a blog that’s both equally educative and
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  7. Really strong wind is something that makes me PANIC even now.. I’ve always lived in what we call “mobile home” (no wheel on it or anything xD but not technically a “house”, though the one we have now is) and when I was younger my room and my parent’s was each on one side of the house, being just a long rectangular house basically.. and my room would be shaken SO. BAd. I would genuinely think my room would fly away.
    Of course never happened xD but I still have that fear 20 years later.

    yay for holidays !! hopefully you & the kids had a good one !

  8. Hope there aren’t any tall trees around! When we had our big wind storm last year, our roof stayed put, but a tree in our backyard did get uprooted and we woke up to find it leaning on the side of our house. Scary stuff! Stay safe πŸ™‚

  9. I’m always obsessing about the weather. Now it’s because I’m trying to get my runs in and raining isn’t conducive for that, lol. The wind sounds very scary! I hope all is alright for you and it dies down! Glad to hear you enjoyed your audiobooks. I love them! They’re what get me through my work commutes and exercising. I totally agree with sticking to your review of the story you read and not the actual history that happened. It’s a fictional book so the author has the right to bend facts a bit here and there. Not sure why the reader felt it necessary to point that out to you. Have a great week, Sophie! πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you Rachel and yes I agree about fiction and bending reality πŸ˜‰ Have a great week too!

  10. It’s been super windy here too all weekend! And yay for more quizzes!

    I always love it when people are off and the roads are clear! πŸ™‚

  11. Gosh that is very windy! Hopefully it passes soon and you don’t have to sleep on the couch. Glad your commute has been easier with everyone on holiday.

  12. Ugh, it is also very windy here in France and I’m seeing that it will be this way for the next couple of days, ugh I’m not a fan at all haha.
    SO happy you liked A List of Cages! I read that one a little while ago and it’s such a great, heartbreaking, emotional book.
    I hope you’ll have a lovely week πŸ™‚

    1. I know France has its share of winds right now Marie! Really this winter should and and leave spring come already!

  13. Yes, the weather has been pretty crazy here too. I woke me up several times. And the rain.. blegh.. I’m so done with rain. I can’t wait for summer to arive.
    Have a great week and happy reading.

  14. I hope you came out unscathed. That is some pretty impressive wind speeds. We’ve had hail and some thunderstorms this week but nothing close to that. Hugs!

  15. We’ve had some noisy weather in the last two weeks, and one night the hail was pounding so loud that I was afraid my skylight would fall in! It has done so in the past.

    I don’t like noisy weather. Sigh.

    Your books look tempting…thanks for sharing. And thanks for visiting my blog.

  16. The wind this week was CRAZY! We have a piece of siding on the house the bangs when the wind blows between the houses and drives us crazy but it’s in a weird spot and we can’t fix it. I have to sleep in the living room to avoid the noise but the house also sways. Windy days are scary in this house lol.

    I am looking forward to the warmer weather! πŸ™‚

  17. That is the upside to other people having vacation, while you still have to go to work. It absolutely makes the work commute a little easier. I always thought talking about the weather was an older person thing to do, because I find myself obsessed with it the older I get, but now I know, it’s very British of me. Look at that.

  18. Strange that it’s been so windy for that long. Hang in there! I live in a rural area and sometimes we get these straight line winds out of nowhere. You can hear them coming and they are extreme and really scary. Not to mention hurricane season starts here in a few months.

    1. Oh Laura I am happy to live in a region spared by hurricanes! How do you survive them? Do you have safe rooms below earth level?

  19. I wonder why it’s so breezy in England now. Hope things will calm down soon.

    I’ve created a linky on my blog for the Sunday Salon and I’ve kept the Facebook group. I hope you will join in and spread the word.

  20. I’m in the South of England and it’s sooooo blowy here too! I went out to the garage and I was nearly blown off my feet! Got to go school shoe shopping in a mo so will need to hold onto my mini in case he gets blown away!

    1. Oh yes Caro we’ve even read awful weather in Lodon today with lots of wind! Hold anything steady!!