After surviving a round-trip to hell, Piper figures she can survive anything. After all, she just lived through the devastating loss of her Consul apprenticeship and a torturous stint at boarding school. How much worse could it get?Well, she wasn’t expecting a group of crazy radicals to burn her home to the ground and take her prisoner.

The Gaians, a.k.a. the crazy radicals, plan to rid Earth of daemons and they need Piper’s help. In exchange for her cooperation, they promise her the answer to all her problems: magic. With her own magic, she could reclaim her apprenticeship, the only future she’s ever wanted. But her magic comes at price — it could kill her.

With the life she’s always known crumbling around her and her future slipping from her grasp, she needs Ash’s help one more time. But the greatest danger of all lies within her, and no matter what she does, she may lose everything — including him.




4.5 read in one sitting stars


I have been a bad bad bad reader!

This is a buddy read but I have let down my buddies. I have read it in one day!!!!

Because it was gripping. Because there was non stop action. Because it was a life or death kind of situation. And just because I HAD TO KNOW HOW IT WOULD END!

Kind of like when demons shade and can’t help their instinct to overpower their rational brains. Well my reader’s instinct was telling me to just go on and finish this!


So what you’ll get here is:

-more amazing badass protective Ash!

-more mischievous but also kickass Lyre;

-a kidnapped Pipper (seems to be a trend here);

-a run for her life tied to her origins;

-amazing reveals about her ancestors;

-lots of action, betrayals, manipulation;

-an overtly protective sister that can be a b!tch and that I came to loathe;

-a choice choice Pipper made that I HATE. Honestly Annette, I hate when authors do that to their heroes!!!!!!

Have you read this series!


Thanks for reading!


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  1. Sometimes the book is just so good that you have to race all the way through it and I kind of love that you couldn’t help blazing ahead of everyone else 😀 I am happy you loved it so much!

  2. I haven’t read this series yet. I tried the first book in this series in audio, but didn’t like the narrator and the story didn’t really hook me, but I might try again with the e-format one time. I really like the Guild Codex series by this author.

  3. Great review, Sophie! I don’t blame you! This book was really addicting! I really hated seiya in this book! She acted like a mean bitch! The ending was bittersweet but atleast it wasn’t a forever goodbye.

  4. A one-day read! It says a lot that you couldn’t even wait for your buddies and had to inhale it all in just a day. 🙂

  5. I’ve done that too. Couldn’t stop reading during a buddy read. LOL This sounds like a fun series! Sorry I’ve been MIA. Work is so busy and I come home and just crash. LOL