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Today in this 10th day of Blogmas 2019 we celebrate science fiction!

Two years ago I hadn’t read any science fiction book! Dystopian yes but real science fiction or books with spacial aircraft no!

Then in 2018 I read Lifel1k3 by Jay Kristoff and Honor Among Thieves by Rachel Caine and Ann Aguire and it’s been a revelation!

My favorite science fiction books read in 2019 are:

Skyward by Brandon Sanderson

I listened to the audiobook and here is what I told in my review:

I am officially unfriending anyone who did not boss me into reading this story sooner!!!!

Why did no one kick my behind to force me to read it? Seriously?

It was so fantastic that I listened to the end of the book hidden in my garden after some errant that I had to do. I did not enter the house but went silently into the garden, dragged the chaise longue into a hidden corner and listened to the last 30 minutes. Because I could not stop and everyone knows that a mom, once entering her house is ALWAYS welcomed with “Mom! Can you help me please?” or “Darling? Can you come a minute?”.

On my dead body so long as I did not hear the word end!

I was swallowed whole by the story.

Living in Skyward’s world for more than 15 hours. The friendship and bonds with Spensa’s flightmates. The great adventure to become a pilot. The questions about what were the Krells and shouldn’t we use a better strategy to beat them? The restoration of M-Bot and the idea that maybe one day it would fly again. The lies, the betrayals but also the loyalty.

And that last battle scene!!!!! OMG! Bonus point for M-Bot “reboot” as he was a real hoot!

“Tremble and fear, all enemies!” he shouted. “For we shall shake the air with thunder and blood! Your doom is imminent!”

I loved …everything!

E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G !


My second winner is Aurora Rising by Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufman

I loved the action, the plot, the imagination the authors put in that story. The mystery to solve too!

I loved every personality of that crazy squad between the dutiful and inspiring alpha to the sociopath brain … and of course if Tyler was the archetype of the golden boy *with dimples!* I really fell for Legolas alias Kal! What’s not to love in a tall warrior with violet eyes protecting his beloved with all his strength right?

Zila is the one that remained the most mysterious to me and I bet we’ll get much more of her in the next book!

“The only places I fit are inside my head. It is as you said, sir. I don’t understand people. But I believe of all the places I have not fit, I fit here a little better.”

I loved the connection and the dynamics between these legionaires, the bonding that took place when faced with danger.

I loved the sarcasm, the craptastic jokes of Finn and the snarky comeback of Cat.

I loved every minutes of my read, except “IT”! And the cliffy of course.


What’s your best science fiction book read in 2019?

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Legolas was my favorite part of Aurora Rising <3 He was awesome 😀 If I know the "IT" you are talking about them I didn't like "IT" either and it was enough to knock it down a star rating for me :/ (you are talking about the "bad guy" right?

  2. I read Illuminae for the first time this year and I really loved it! I want to read Aurora Rising too but I want to finish the first series before I delve into another one by those authors. And I need to read a Brandon Sanderson series already DD:

    1. Well I hope you’ll love Illuminae till the end of the series Olivia! I had to stop at 30% of the first book.

  3. I read like almost no SciFi, but I adore Kristoff and Kaufman together. Aurora Rising was a hit for me. I was bawling at the end, so I need to get my hands on that next book, because I was pretty devastated by some of those events there at the end.

  4. I haven’t read either of these books, but I’ve seen Aurora Rising everywhere. For some reason I’ve been mostly in a thriller/suspense/mystery groove this year so I can’t say what Sci-Fi I’ve read lately that I loved. I’m sure there was one somewhere though.

  5. I haven’t read Skyward yet – have the book waiting, but I totally agree with you on Aurora Rising, Sophie. So excited for the next book – the cover is gorgeous!