Dear Reader,

Welcome to Beware Of The Reader blog. I hope you’ll feel at home!

I don’t want this blog to be formal or too serious. At least not always. I want to swoon, rage, cheer… or rant if I need to.Believe me I often need to vent about some crappy character or devious bad guy or…

Books are fun. They’re made to be experienced. They are the best way to travel the world, centuries and dimensions. Books make us escape reality.

They’ve been my constant companions for many years and this blog is my place to tell you all about my babies. I promise you honest Reviews, Best Of and Most Wanted.

One year ago I said that I  would not be able to post or answer every day but I did not know blogging would become a raging passion and that I would post several times a day!

Comments are welcome even if you totally disagree with my perception as long as they’re respectful. No need to go at war with each other life is violent and hard enough as it is. This is a place to relax and have fun.


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  1. Wow, your new blog theme looks very nice! I love that you can follow by wordpress OR bloglovin, it will definitely make it easier for more readers to interact on your site!

  2. Hi.. I’m a new book blogger. As I see, our blogs were born in the same month! Almost three months old. Anyway, I love your blog. We have the same taste in books. Looking forward to your reviews. :)

    1. Hi Geybie, following you now as indeed we have the same tastes! I loved Debt by Nina Jones. I can’t wait to read your reviews either :-) I’ll follo your link on GR and will send you a friend request. Great blog by the way, congrats!!!