BOY OF RUIN (Unsainted #4) by K.V. Rose
Release Date: August 22nd


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Jeremiah Rain doesn’t give a f*ck about anything.
Except for the girl he once called his sister.
She’s the only person in the world who really knows him, and loves him despite his flaws.
The only person in the world who thinks he’s worthy.
But her heart is not just for him.
And he can’t f*cking stand it.
While the Unsaints battle for sanity and control in their own lives, Jeremiah and Sid push and
pull one another toward the brink of ruin, all in the name of a sick and twisted kind of love.
While they fight, Lucifer Malikov waits.
But he won’t wait for long.
And watching from the shadows, a vicious, wicked girl starts to see something in Jeremiah Rain
that she sees in herself. A darkness that can’t be driven out. A sickness with no cure.
Jeremiah Rain is a boy of ruin, and this girl? She never did like the shiny things.



About the Author:
KV is an author of dark romance. She’s a little depraved and hates writing about herself in third person and will stop immediately.


I enjoy copious amounts of coffee, long walks through cemeteries, and listening to music every waking hour. I believe in ghosts, being as weird as humanly possible, and getting possessed by my own characters.


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