Hi fellow bloggers today’s discussion topic is all about dreams.


Does blogging help you reach your dreams? Help you being more creative? Develop new talents?


Confession time: what did you want to be when you were a kid? Astronaut? Singer? Ballerina? Cowboy? Come on, dish! 😀

My dream was working for Disney. I drew funny animals all the time and I wanted to make cartoons for a living. I cried watching Bamby and sang with Snow White. I even hoped a prince would kiss me and wake me up but so far it’s rather been my dog slobber. And she is a girl…


But life and reality got in the way.

Being an artist and living from his art takes courage. I’m in awe of all these writers, painters, sculptors, graphic designers, photographers… because they are braver than I’ve been. They were bold and decided to go for it.


When I began bloggin I would never have thought in a million years it would lead to that amount of creativity.

Blogging pushed me to learn.To take risks. I dared. I tried and I failed just to begin again.


The first step was designing MY blog. Go read my other posts on blogging and you’ll see my personal journey and disasters. But of course you already know all about the wonders and misery of blogging.
Choosing the template the logo the colors the layout…I had total freedom to express my creativity in what would be my space.
The blog is my baby. It’s my little bubble of joy, freedom, friendship and art.


Once set up I fed it with my reviews. Whatever others might think writing is creating.
A recent excellent  posted by Thewellthumbedreader stated that bloggers don’t like reviews. I think that’s sad. I love reading and writing reviews.
Reviewing is an outlet: putting words to all the feelings bursting through my soul when reading exceptional books or provocative stories or…You would know all about it: writing reviews takes hours sometime.
A review is a creation! Reviewing is making art.


Graphics and teasers is another way to express my creativity and love for aesthetic. YOU INSPIRED ME. Yes you all bloggers extraordinaires with the gorgeous vectors graphics mood boards etc. You pushed me to learn. To become better. To express my personality while creating graphics. I have you all to thanks for!


Then again thanks to you I discovered IG. 

Bookstagrams is artgasm!!! I entered the bookstagram world like Starr revealed the truth: shy and tentative at first then bold and confident.
I create bookstagrams like I would a painting. Playing with colors with matters using all kind of props. Everything  to highlight the book express its mood its universe and the feels I got from the read.
I discovered amazingly talented or original or playful bookstagrammers.
Photographing books is quicker than painting but gives me nearly the same feeling of accomplishment.
I created beauty (or at least I tried to).


Today I woke up and decided to be bold.

I will erase some pictures on IG to build a better feed. I will try to be more coherent. I want to own the books I promote to create my own art with ebooks or preferably hardcovers and paperbacks. I will publish artistic teasers and quotes if they suit my sensitivity. I will also change my future giveaways pictures on IG to blend smoothly in my feed.


So that’s how blogging helped me finally reach my dream to create beauty and express my soul. I’m proud of what I’ve done so far and I’m overjoyed as I know I have so much to learn and discover. This is only the beginning.


What does blogging do for you? Did it surprised you? Did you discover talents you did not know possessing? Did you amaze yourself?


Thanks for reading!



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  1. For me blogging was a way to keep myself on track. Before, writing was a passion, but there was a safety in the fact that for the most part I was writing for my own sake. Once I started blogging there was a self imposed rule that I would post regularly, which required me to produce pieces I was comfortable sharing publicly on a regular basis.
    Over time I think it’s also become another way of connecting, and having interesting conversations.
    One of my favorite ways of making use of blogging is to either post a discussion piece or journal piece on a story or experience I had recently, or do a search for posts on the topic in question. Reading someone else’s post is not so different from listening to them share their thoughts in conversation, and through the comments we’re able to have a two way dialogue about the topic. I’m particularly fond of searching for reviews and posts on stories I’ve recently finished. I don’t generally like reading reviews before I’ve reached my own opinions, but afterwards it can be a lot of fun to compare and discuss.

    1. Well Adam I do agree with you on having a discipline and exposing yourself. When I began blogging I thought I would only leave reviews. It as a daunting task at first as English is not my mother language. I feared leaving mistakes or writing without enough finesse to convey my thoughts. I felt exposed. What I did not expect was reading and writing discussion posts. Yet ther became so dear and important. Once again the fear was present but I wanted to express my opinion so I took a leap of faith. I still feel “naked” from time to time but the reward is so great: chatting with other bloggers! I love reading discussion posts and I love reading writing advices. It’s a fascinating process. So please don’t stop.
      As far as reading reviews are concerned I share your opinion. I will read them real quick or not at all before reading the book but I will read them in depth after I wrote my review. The curiosity to know if others experienced this story like I did. And the desire to write my own review untainted by others.

  2. Love reading about your blogging and creative journey. You’re right – blogging is an amazing creative outlet, because it’s making MY space on the web. Figuring out how I want to express myself to the world, figuring out who I want to be as a creative. I love how it’s not static, it’s living and changing with me, growing with me.

    1. Amy you are SO right that it’s changing and growing with you! When I began blogging I thought that I would post reviews and some promo and nothing else. The first time I saw a meme or a tag I had NO idea what it was. Now I love doing them even if I need the time to do them properly. Then I discovered interviews, then talking about blogging the highs and the downs. Now I even wrote that 4 hands opinion piece about USA and Americans… I would never have thought it would be so much fun and so creative. And the best part: I still have tons to learn.

  3. When I was a kid I always wanted to live in a mystical world. I pictured myself being one of the characters in the movie I was watching. Hehe
    Same with you, yes blogging has made me WAY MORE creative than I used to be. I always believed I was not born with any art talents but now I’m feeling like I can do anything. I created all the graphics on my blog and am so proud of myself.
    You and I started blogging together. I’ve known you from the beginning. I’ve seen how far you’ve come, Sophie. You’ve done awesome things on this blog and I’m SO proud of you. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    1. That’s so sweet Geybie!!!!! And yes we are both bloggers from the same crib LOL And yes you can be proud of your graphics as they are gorgeous! I know you had to overcome many difficulties too so kudos to you 😉

  4. Love it Sophie! Unfortunately, Alzheimer’s runs in my family, I help take care of my mama as a matter of fact as this thief of a disease slowly takes her from us. Long story short, I use blogging, reading, reviewing, writing to hopefully keep my mind sharp for a tad bit longer!! Awesome post!

    1. Oh no Trisy that’s so sad for your mother. You are very brave to help her as it must be so difficult. I’m glad you are using the blog to keep your mind sharp. I guess it helps to forget your problems too 😉 Thank you!!!

  5. When I was a kid I wanted to become a pop singer. I grew up in a family of musicians so it was kind of saying: I want to become like mommy and daddy.
    What I love about blogging is the fact that I can express my opinions freely in whatever shape, form, nuance I desire. It’s my personal space. Which is why I hate that now I don’t have enough time to post as frequently as I used to. As reviews go, I enjoy writing them because they’re basically my stream of consciousness regarding a book. They ars cathartic, even though sometimes hard yo write down. What I do not enjoy is all the collateral steps needed to publish one on the blog. As for talents… I don’t know. What amazes me still is the great connections and friendships I formed through my love for books. I used to think of reading as a solitary activity from start to finish, but now know there is so much more to it. And am grateful for that

    1. Cathartic! I could not have said it better. And about reading not being a solitary activity anymore you’re spot on Talia! Now I wonder what kind of music your parents are playing for you to want being a pop singer LOL. And yes it can be fast to write a review but publishing it adding graphices or GIFs or.. can take lots of time.