Today is Sunday, time to look back in the rearview mirror and talk about my week in and out of the blog. As usual I am linking up to the Sunday Post hosted for years by Kimberly @caffeinatedreviewer .

As it’s the first Sunday of March, I will also write my February Wrap Up!

In my private life  first

Well, yesterday I was doing some yoga after a run and we always send an intention to the world. 

Mine was “luck”.

I should have said “good luck” because yesterday, on of my kids crashed one of our cars…

Luckily, no one was injured and as it happened at a very low speed, it’s only some metal sheets bent and body parts to replace.

But the kid will have to pay for the repair and it will hopefully teach a lesson.

If it’s the only accident that will ever happen, then we consider ourselves very lucky.


Otherwise, we are still in lockdown and still working from home.

Belgium is very slow with the vaccine and I have no idea when I’ll get my shots!

On the bright side, the weather is beautiful so there is that!


And I did another funny reel about what we would do for books if you are interested..


On the blog (click on the graphic to read the post)

I am very bad at replying to comments on the week as I sleep poorly and am exhausted at the end of long workday.

But I manage to blog hop at lunch time and comment on other’s posts so there is that! I only reply in batches on the weekend and sorry for that!


February has been a slow month reading wise as I have read 8  books but only reviewed 6!

One that I didn’t review here but wrote a few lines on Goodreads was “Still Standing” from Kristen Ashley and I was really disappointed and shocked by an author that I usually really like!

The other not reviewed here is “The Duke and I” by Julia Quinn which was an okay read but not a great read. That’s because I made the mistake to watch the Bridgerton series first! And that series is juts SO GOOD!


These two books aside, February was an amazing month rating wise!

I will have a hard time narrowing down to one favorite so I’ll give you four!

Two are audiobooks and the last ones in the Stalking Jack the Ripper series by Kerri Maniscalco. That series is absolutely amazing!


One is a deeply moving story with the perfect book boyfriend: Eastern Lights by Brittainy C Cherry

And my last favorite is a book that if it’s not written as a Pullitzer is certainly very addictive and made me feel like a teen again! Crave by Tracy Wolff

Thanks for reading!





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  1. Thank goodness no one was injured in the car accident. Cars can be fixed. And like you said, hopefully it is a lesson learned. Love the IG reel. That was so cute. 🙂 Sorry to hear the Ashley book was a letdown. It’s hard when that happens with a favorite author.

  2. So glad no one was injured in the crash. My daughter is now fully vaccinated and my husband has his appointment for the first one but it will be a little longer before I can get mine but hopefully it won’t be too long. I hope you get yours soon. Have a great week!

  3. Wow, glad no one was hurt in the car crash, that was lucky! Thankfully it’s just the car that needs repairs and not one of your children. Fingers crossed it never happens again. Meanwhile, like Belgium, we’re slow here to get the vaccine. I might get the call in July, if I’m lucky!! Take care and stay safe, Sophie, and hope you all get your jabs soon.

  4. Glad they were not hurt! I still remember how I called my mom crying when I reversed my car a little too close to a wall and a side mirror bent in the process
    The vaccinating is super slow here in Finland too! They have been vaccinating since January but still havent gone through more than some older people and medical staff

  5. Oh no- I’m sorry to hear about the accident, but glad that it wasn’t more serious. Scary stuff.

    Sorry to hear about the lockdown too. Things are opening up here (too soon, probably) so we’ll see what happens…

    Be well this week Sophie!

  6. Oh no! Sorry to hear about the crash, glad no one was hurt. Hmm apparently in the UK education staff are not priority for the vaccine so who knows when I’ll get mine…

  7. Sorry to hear about the accident, but glad everyone is ok. I have no idea what the rules are for getting the vaccine or if there are any. They vary from state to state, but my mom called in a favor to get the last of her posse an appointment. We have 90 year old neighbors who can’t get a slot, but my family friend’s 17 year old has been vaccinated. Really?

  8. Sorry you didn’t love the KA book. I haven’t heard much about that one. Glad no one was hurt in the accident. I remember my first car accident and it was terrifying!!!