Recommendation of 2017

It was really, really, really hard to choose only ONE book I would consider like my “Best of the Bests of 2017”!

I’ve read so many good books this year and will still recommend plenty in the coming days of this challenge but there is one read that’s been….out of this world!

It’s NOT a ROMANCE even if you have romance in the book. Suanne is VERA insistent on this. NOT a Romance. Nope.

But it has so much love and war and violence and tears and FEELS!!!

Suanne Laqueur can’t be put into a little writer box. That’s simply impossible.

When you read her books you end up exhausted with a humongous book hangover.

So if you are BRAVE and consider marching INTO the story like you would go to war: fully armed, ready to defend yourself but knowing that the battle is lost because THIS BOOK IS A TSUNAMI then just read it!


My best of the bests for 2017 is A Charm Of Finches by Suanne Laqueur

Here is some of what I wrote about the book (I invite you to read the complete review HERE)

1000 stars just because I can.

This book was like being hit by an enormous emotional wave!

The story began on a huge “bang!” and I was panting, heart galloping like a wild horse inside my rib cage. I was having a panic attack. I WAS Geronimo and I wanted someone anyone to come save me. It was the worse betrayal you could ever imagine. One hitting you in the flesh. Earth shattering aftermaths.

That’s how talented Suanne is: immediately sucking you in her story barely releasing you from her clutches from time to time just to let you breathe a little and give you a false security feeling before the next blow.

Seriously this book should come with a warning. Suanne tells a terrible and powerful story. One where you’ll call for your mom to come rescue you because the fox is in the den and you’re the panicked little chick.

I love her and I sometimes hate her equally as she loves destroying her heroes before rebuilding them. They are real Phoenixes reborn from their ashes and throughout this long, painful but glorious process we suffer right alongside them. It’s raw, flesh against flesh will against will, it’s messy, painful and cathartic. It’s life in all its glory.

You end up shaken, overwhelmed, emotional with a gigantic book hangover because it was so exceptional that you want more. Always more.

 So read at your own risk!

All complaints have to be sent to Suanne Laqueur author extraordinaire and living in sunny California.”

I could not say it better than what’s in the synopsis about Jav, Stef and Geno:

“Over the course of a year, Jav, Stef and Geno form an unexpected and unconventional triangle, revealing how men make love in times of war and how love is a great wisdom made up of small understandings.”


(ONLY 1,99 USD!!!!!!!)

Now comes the very difficult task to choose YOUR “best of the bests of 2017”! What book would you recommend me that turned your world upside down?

Thanks for reading!


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