It’s 11 days on Blogmas 2019 and today we talk about the book(s) I most awaited in 2019!

I have two very honorable mentions:

The Kingdom of Copper by SA Chakraborty

My review began like this:

I HATE Manizheh;

I HATE Ghassan;

I HATE what has been done to Dara and how he turned out;

I HATED Muntadhir most of the time (some redemption by the end);

I HATE that I need the third book NOW and that I don’t know how I will manage!

I already know that I will be hyper jealous of all US bloggers able to snatch an ARC (yes yes I know jealousy is a sin but I don’t care)

I ADORE this series with a passion that knows no boundaries.


But it HURTS!


The Dragon Republic by RF Kuang

My review once read went along these lines :

I have just finished it this morning and I don’t know if I love it or hate it!

 It was so frustrating! Every time Rin made two steps forward she was sent four steps backward! All the betrayals here! The worst is the last one because I had hoped …something to come (not telling more as I don’t want to spoil it for others) but I don’t think they could ever recover from what he did. A line has been drawn in the sand.

But there is no question that RF Kuang is brilliant! That’s just …so difficult to read about your favorite character going through all this! Excruciating really.


And my winners, yes plural as I could not only choose one winner here were not read (nor reviewed yet) by the time I wrote this post!!!!

Queen of Nothing by Holly Black

Which is just I think on nearly every YA fantasy reader list this year! I even ordered the Owlcrate special box!

I concluded my review of The Wicked King with:

To sum it up: the plot is brilliant and twisted, the characters in all shades of grey and I loved it!

Now the torture begins as I’ll be waiting for the last book! If you happen to get an ARC and wants to make a girl happy… just saying LOL.



And my second winner is Starsight by Brandon Sanderson

This is my most awaited because when I read Skyward I wrote:

I am officially unfriending anyone who did not boss me into reading this story sooner!!!!

Why did no one kick my behind to force me to read it? Seriously?


It was so fantastic that I listened to the end of the book hidden in my garden after some errant that I had to do. I did not enter the house but went silently into the garden, dragged the chaise longue into a hidden corner and listened to the last 30 minutes. Because I could not stop and everyone knows that a mom, once entering her house is ALWAYS welcomed with “Mom! Can you help me please?” or “Darling? Can you come a minute?”.

On my dead body so long as I did not hear the word end!


Now do tell me what were your most awaited books of 2019?

Thanks for reading!




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    1. Raven I have no idea where she’ll lead the romance to in the last book! No spoiler but Dara was in a tight spot LOL

  1. Your best of blog has exploded my TBR with some of these books jumping way ahead of the line! Thank you for sharing (I think) HAHA