Hello dear friends today is the fourteenth day of our challenge with Collector of Book Boyfriend and today is the day we make you laugh!

Seriously it’s about funniests authors.

I love a good romcom and the two winners I’ve chosen today made me laugh so hard I was dangerously close to peeing my pants!

You are warned now: don’t drink too much while reading these authors!


First winner: Penny Reid

I really got to love Penny through Elements of Chemistry. I still remember the opening scene in the first book of the series with the heroine hiding in a closet in her chemistry classes!!!

Here is some of what I wrote:

I won’t lie: I had read other books by Penny Reid and they I found them nice, just nice. I bought Elements of Chemistry part 1 a long time ago as it was free or 0,99 USD. It was soon forgotten among other books I’ve not read yet.
Three days ago, I was in the mood for some college romance and I stumbled upon this book. It seemed fitting what I was looking for. I remembered it had many good reviews but did not expect nothing more than an enjoyable read.

That’s when I was wrong, so, so wrong! This series was not just enjoyable, it was fr****ng fantastic!
I laughed so hard at their banter. I was also mesmerized by Kaitlyn. She was so unique. A fascinating mix between smart, controlled, rational and innocent, clumsy with that adorable quirk of chanting synonyms each time she was nervous or hiding in any closet available to “recover”.
”Why did you hide? Did they make fun of you?” “No, they ignored me. I think I hid because hiding made it my choice. You can’t be ignored if no one can see you.”


Some more of Kaitlyn’s wisdom:

”Boys are stupid. I needed to explore becoming a lesbian. I needed to add this to my to-do list and bump it up to the top. How had the male gender managed to survive millions of years? The male portion of the human species should have been extinct by now.”


And in Truth or Beard I wrote:



Second winner: Elle Casey

Elle is a fantastic writer! She is known for her adult “serious” books as in “Rebel series” or “The Bourbon Street Boys” but she also writes YA with a YA fantasy series that I adored “War of the fae”.

But today I chose to feature funny Elle.

Her best humorous book so far was “MacKenzie Fire.”

Here is some of what I wrote about the book:

You want a good laugh, a really, really “pee your pants because you laugh so hard” read? Go for it, buy it now!

Candice is really “something else” as Ian said. She came as a airhead in the beginning, hairdresser and beauty counselor extraordinaire. All skinny jeans, flat soled boots with pom-poms, she spent more time on her behind in the freezing snow than vertical the first day she landed. She is in snowy and slippery Oregon to visit her pregnant BFF, welcomed on the Mackenzie’s ranch.

When City Girl stays on a ranch where staying vertical in cute shoes is a challenge, she has to adapt. I loved how I underestimated her. I read her as a silly and superficial girl but she is fiercely loyal, determined, combative with a heart of gold. She keeps her quirks all right (Mr Google) but she soon fires guns, help cows give birth, does U turn with ginormous trucks to drive her “giving birth” best friend to the hospital and kill mountain lions while protecting the hot brooding bad boy Ian Mackenzie. (…) Their banter is funny but what really had me in fits of laughter was all that happened to Candice. Talk about turn of events, that girl is a walking disaster or has bad karma but I could not stop shaking as I laughed so hard.”


So you want a good laugh you know now what to read!

What are your funniests authors?

Thanks for reading.


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  1. I’ve read Penny Reid’s Elements Of Chemistry. I’ve enjoyed the series but I didn’t love it. I never read Elle Casey’s books but I heard great things about her contemporary romance series.

  2. I STILL haven’t read Penny Reid and I haven’t read Elle Casey in awhile…I need to peruse my e-shelf because I’m sure I’ve got books from both on there!