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gra•da•tion / grey•dey•shen


Gradation– A gradual change.

Tattoo Gradation– A visual technique of gradually transitioning from one hue to another.

Individual Gradation– A gradual progression in opinion, perception, or attitude toward another. Or, perhaps, a gradual change in your intolerance towards another human being—who, if we are completely honest, is really just a cocky bastard anyway.


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Having your friends commandeer your dating profile is kind of like picking a scab. It sounds like a good idea at first, but it ends up really messy and will probably leave a scar.

Part of that particular messiness is the fact that I trusted my friends. Now, I actually have to date the guy who happens to be the polar opposite of my type.

Everyone says, people are more than what you see. Which is fine, but in my case, all I see is a cocky bastard wrapped in tattoos.

Unfortunately, he’s a little more perceptive than I gave him credit for. He knows I don’t want to date him. He also knows my friend’s stipulations, and that I’m stuck in this little arrangement.

Also, because he sees himself in a top-of-the-food-chain kind of way, he’s going to take full advantage of the situation. To my detriment, I assure you.

My take-aways from this colossal disaster are twofold. One, never trust your friends. And two…

Never date Gavin Rhodes.


About the Author:
KC Decker’s debut novel, 1462 South Broadway was the First Place Winner of the 2017 National Excellence in Romance Fiction Award.

She is also the author of the runaway hits, 720 Linden Street, 1700 Grant Street and 945 Cedar Avenue, as well as the sexy standalones, Little Dove, Of Ash and Angels, and her newest release GRADATION.

KC is a voracious reader, compulsive daydreamer and romantic escapist. After years of over thinking and narcissistic scrutiny of everything she has ever written; including term papers and shopping lists, she decided to tackle a book of her very own. Her actions culminated in a very sincere and magnanimous respect for all published writers.

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