I’m so excited for you to meet this hilarious, dirty-mouthed former Marine!


Strap in for a suspense filled and intense journey with sexy bodyguard Justin Trainer. I was pulled in immediately, needing to know all the secrets and shocked at what Trainer learns. At the same time, rooting for Trainer to find a balance in his life as he rebuilds after the military and his divorce. 



Guarding the Billionaire is like FSOG on steroids! We meet Justin Trainer, an ex-Marine in the business of providing security for the wealthiest of the wealthy! In comes the secretive, illusive and dominant Mr. Anderson. 

There is much suspense, debauchery, blackmail and hilarity all rolled up into one. 

Lisa Iscard


It’s a black comedy, no wait, a romcom … um … a thriller, maybe suspense, and erotic with a bit of BDSM and a super hot bodyguard looking after his billionaire boss.

It’s definitely not all black and white…



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Forty-five minutes later, we’re back at Wolf Point after our run. It’s been a pretty good work out. In some jobs, the client expects me to sit on my candy-ass 24/7 and still maintain peak fitness. So you could say that some clients just sit with their thumbs up their asses when it comes to intelligence. But not this week and not this client.

I take another quick shower and head to the staff kitchen.

Rachel is standing at the stove. Boy, she looks good: starched apron, immaculate white blouse. I wouldn’t mind helping her crease it.

She’s set two places at the small breakfast bar instead of in the staff dining room. It’s more intimate, and I like that too much.

Everything smells great. I could get used to this.

“Good morning. What would you like for breakfast? There’s a variety of cereals, oatmeal, fruit, eggs, bacon and pancakes.”

“That all sounds good, Rachel. Whatever is easiest.”

“Mr. Trainer,” she says with a tone of mock severity, “you and I will get along swimmingly if you tell me what you do and don’t like to eat.” She smiles warmly, to take the edge off her words.

Not that I’m offended. Far from it.

“I’d like bacon and pancakes, please, Rachel.”

“Excellent choice!”

“And it’s just Trainer.”

“Does that come with a first name? I can’t keep calling you by your surname,” she says sweetly.

“Trainer works.”

“Humor me.”

I sigh, rubbing a hand over my hair. I really don’t like my given name, but seeing as she’s asked…

“Justin,” I say, at last.


She tries the name, and you know what? It sounds damn fine coming from her beautiful lips.

“That’s a nice name. So, maple syrup, Justin?”

I shake my head. I can’t face that much sugar in the morning.

She pours some pancake batter into a pan, and two minutes later I’m tucking into delicious buttermilk pancakes and crisp pieces of bacon. Damn, her coffee is good, too. I note that she takes Anderson a plate with an egg white omelet and a small bowl of blueberries with yogurt.

She returns quickly.

“Mr. Anderson says he will be ready to leave in twenty minutes.”        


I drink my coffee and watch as she moves efficiently around the kitchen. If my gaze bothers her, she shows no sign of it. She’s clearly at ease with her work and very professional.

I’m ready and waiting in the Penthouse foyer when Anderson appears. He looks preoccupied and tosses me a car key.

“You drive.”

“Yes, sir.”

The key fob says ‘Range Rover’, and I remember seeing the brand new SUV in the garage. Niiice.

Rachel enters the foyer, and it reminds me of my mom seeing me off to school. The thought amuses me, but you’d never know it.

“I won’t be back until late this evening, Mrs. Smith, so if you could leave out something cold, please.”

“Of course, Mr. Anderson. Have a good day, sir.”

Shit! Mrs. Smith? She’s married?

I’m surprised by the surge of disappointment I feel.

We travel down to the garage in silence. I sense that Anderson doesn’t do polite chat. Fine by me. I’m not here to be his friend.

But when he goes to exit from the elevator first, I stop him.

“Excuse me, sir.”

He takes the hint and lets me go before him. Yep, all clear. Nothing unusual to worry about. But the day you don’t check, that’s the day you’re gonna get fucked. And not in a good way.

I can’t wait for you to meet this guy! He’s on Amazon’s KU program right now. Enjoy!


Amazon https://geni.us/GUARDINGBILLIONAIRE https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/44590388-guarding-the-billionaire

And the sequel, SAVING THE BILLIONAIRE is out in just 10 days on

19 June.

I thought I loved Guarding the Billionaire, but Saving the Billionaire is even better. The sexy man in black won me over in the first chapter… of the first book. His dry humor, his filthy mouth, and his internal dialogue kept me giggle-snorting from start to finish.

The author ticked all my boxes with these books, I can’t decide which trope I appreciate the most, but I’m glad I didn’t have to choose and got to experience the suspense, the laughter, and the passion without limit. I’m looking forward to whatever she has for us next. The line forms here…

5 ***** Rosa Sharon, iScream Book Blog


Amazon https://geni.us/SAVINGtheBILLIONAIRE https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/44590399-saving-the-billionaire

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