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Third part of Jay’s fantastic interview!!!

Jay the daredevil?


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 What triggered this leap of faith? Quitting what I guess was a well-paid stable job to live your dream? I have a very serious job, manage two teams and would love studying graphic design and web design but…I have mouths to feed etc. So I never dared. Tell us was it a dramatic event? Was it the “forties” crisis? A life changing encounter? One morning you just decided to resign between your hot cup of coffee and the bowl of cold cereals?

It just sort of occurred… a bunch of things happening where I worked, two decades of feeling like I never had a break, a sense of no longer being able to make progress or learn… and like most things in my life, I have a dialog in my head for months about how to approach life and change. All the internal discussion happens often without my direct knowledge, but then I get to this point where I have, and pardon the image, verbal diarrhea. I then solicit advice from everyone important in my life… they usually tell me I make perfect sense and I’m completely crazy at the same time. I’m not a risk-taker, but everyone decade or so, I feel the need to rebel on something, and this was that case. It was less about needing a change and more about… if I don’t do something now, I never will. So I took the risk. I made sure I had safety nets of the financial and emotional kind. But I’m also a believer in doing what is in your heart and the rest will fall into place (assuming you’ve done the research and planned a bit). I could never just leave a job without thinking about all the impacts and weighing the pros and cons. I’d be the first in line to smack myself for that!


How many stories did you write but never published before “Watching Glass Shatter”? Any hidden in your drawer?

Nothing finished! I have 3 other novels I’d started in the last two years but need to get back to them. And I have several short stories from my mid-20s that haven’t been published.


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  1. doing what is in your heart and the rest will fall into place (assuming you’ve done the research and planned a bit)….
    Hahaha… I love it! Completely agree though. 😉

  2. I appreciate it! I think you may have duplicate messages, my internet cut out, then it said I already sent it. LOL

    1. Hahaha yes I am a CIA undercover agent specialised in pulling out classified info from writers and bloggers Jay! Damn my cover is blown!!!! LOL

  3. This interview in parts is one of the most interesting ones I’ve read. Your questions are brilliant Sophie, and I love getting to know more about Jay. Thanks to you both!

    1. Oh that’s so kind to say Kim!!! Thank you but Jay did most of the work and he’s been brilliant!