You all know by now that I absolutely adore Bring Down the Stars by Emma Scott. And if you didn’t know it well now you do!

I love these characters so much that I wanted to do something different. Something more than just a review.

I wanted to make you fall in love with them.

All three of them!

So here is how Emma writes about them and as I want to keep it spoiler free I just chose “outer” depiction ;-)

Special character/dream cast




Her name was Autumn. Of course it was. As if her parents knew she’d grow up to be a living embodiment of the season. Coppery hair, like an October forest of turning leaves. Hazel eyes that were mostly rich brown, but flecked with gold, green and amber, and weighted with sadness. A petite girl—I guessed five-foot-nothing to my six-one—passionate and unafraid. I liked toying with people to get them riled up, and she’d seemed an easy mark.


Connor (Kacey Cerrig)

My eyes kept landing on a tall boy with broad shoulders and a wide, charming smile. Even at a distance, something about that flashing smile was comforting. Like one of Edmond’s scones. A smile that made it seem like all was right in the world.

“You said your point of view isn’t capitalist.” He raised a brow. “So what is it?” “Humanist, I suppose, since you asked. I think everyone; regardless of race, creed, income-level, or sex, should be granted the same shot as anyone else.”


Weston (Lucas Garcez)

He looked up, his expression vaguely hostile. Piercing blue-green eyes set in a stunningly handsome, if angular, face met mine. High cheekbones, sharp chin and long straight nose. He looked chiseled out of smooth stone at first glance, then his features softened for a moment as his gaze swept over me. His handsomeness was equally as potent as Connor’s, yet cut from a completely different cloth. Where Connor was broad and built, Weston was tall and lean-muscled. Connor wore a white shirt that hugged his shoulders, and his dark hair was shorter and spiked. Weston wore black and his gold hair fell over his eyes in the front.

Special mention to Edmond de Guiche, side character because you have a tinge of “Beauty and the Beast” or “Ratatouille” when you read about Edmond  De Guiche. I could not help envisioning him in a Disney musical!

Judge by yourself: “The singing grew louder and the large frame of Edmond de Guiche burst through the back door, his hands folded over his heart as his aria took a turn for the dramatic. Edmond only sang about love. Lost love, true love, unrequited love. The big Frenchman with the elegant mustache was like an opera character himself, dispensing lines of poetry or bursts of song to his customers with every pastry, convinced love and food went hand in hand.”

Now do you get why I love them so much?

Happy reading!


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  1. I can definitely see it now, Sophie! Autumn looks like such a soft girl, but fierce as well, which I love, and the boys have their peculiar traits as well. Would be hard to choose between them hahaha
    Lovely post <3