Hi dear friends,

Here is a planned hiatus of several days (until next Tuesday morning max) as I will leave tomorrow to attend YALC London with my daughter!

I know Kathy (Books and Munches) will attend and other bloggers too that I hope to recognize in the crowd and chat with!

You’ll still see some posts being published as I’m a (very) organized blogger and I will comment and like once a day.

I chose to leave my computer at home to enjoy my daughter’s companionship but I should be able to reply with the smartphone once back at the hotel.

Today was spent protecting our precious books and choosing our clothes (it will be really hot in London so shorts and light dresses).

We will depart around 8:30 AM tomorrow morning and are both so excited!!!!

You’ll have one or more posts next week with our adventure and “do’s and don’t” promise!

I hope you’ll enjoy the posts I’ve planned till Monday, starting this Friday with a discussion and more reviews to follow.

In the meantime, take care and have fun!



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    1. Thank you so much Tanya! I already took notes today at a conference about friendship in YA! Plus read a book yesterday and typed 80% of the review on my phone!