This post will be totally non book related but I’ve learned that yesterday was international puppy day!

It made me want to ask you this very important question: are you a cat or a dog lover?


Or rather: do you love animals? Because if you don’t we can’t be friends anymore! (kidding…barely) πŸ˜€


Let me tell you some of my love story with animals.



First I’m an animal magnet! Mosquitoes aside (my hubs is their favorite meal) every animal flock to me.

You’ve got a shy dog? He’ll pull on his leash to come to me and being petted.

Your cat never shows one ear when a stranger is in the house? He’ll jump on my laps to take his nap.

Your horse is skittish? He’ll eat a treat in my hand.

I could go on and on.

And I have no idea why!


My love story with animals began when I was a toddler. My daddy won a parrot in a fair and I became its proud owner.

I tamed him and taught him some tricks.


He would sleep on my shoulder when I was watching TV and would follow me everywhere in the house.

Later on, as a teen, I begged my dad to have a cat.

I went all in with big fat tears in my eyes and a “daddy pleeeeeease”.



Of course he relented!

I had my cat a female named Colombine.

She slept on my bed and when I wanted to study had to always sit on my book. Until I petted her to her content. Then she would jump from the table and walk chin high on dainty paws.

She loved catching mice and bringing her loot in my room.

I brought the mice back to life, fed them some cheese and released them.

One day a car got my cat and it’s been one of the saddest days in my life.


Years after we decided to have a dog for the family. I’m convinced an animal can teach kids to be responsible and give love and care for something.

My husband told me that he wanted to be “the alpha”. The master of the dog. I agreed.

But we didn’t know that it was the dog who chose her master.

She immediately began to follow me everywhere. She obeyed every order that I could give. Better than she obeyed my husband.

Grumpy he told her that “she knew who was the boss in the family” πŸ˜€

What I did not know is that a pup will follow you everywhere! You can’t close the door before looking behind you or you’ll hurt your dog.

You go to the loo or to the bathroom? She will follow and scratch the door till you open.

You want to read lying on the sofa? She’ll jump and will sleep on your knees or your chest.

You are sad? She’ll come lick your hands. You are happy? She’ll jump everywhere and share your joy.

A dog is really close to the family. It’s really different from a cat.


So that’s it for my experience with animals.

Now do tell me do you love animals? Do you think they are an asset for a family?

Thanks for reading and happy international puppy day!


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  1. I love animals! Though horses are closest to my heart but dogs come next. I’m allergic to cats and thus don’t care those that much.
    I actually have 7 year old french bulldogg and dream that someday I’ll have my own stable with horses and i’ll be a dog breeder

  2. I am definitely a cat person but I still love dogs! I grew up with cats and I currently have two. My fiance and I recently got a dog (he grew up with dogs but this is my first dog) and while I love her, she is a LOT of work and a pain in my a$$. But I wouldn’t trade her for the world <3

    1. The small parrots. In blue green and she was so lovely! And yes I love cats but since having dogs it made a whole difference!

  3. I thought I was a dog person, cats seemed too independent to me, but I can honestly say I love both now. I’ve had a few dogs in my life: a yorkshire/malteser mix when I was a teenager, a Westie and a Labrador in my twenties, and now I have a cat who really chose me, came to the back door and I couldn’t get rid of her anymore :-). I can honestly say that it’s easier for me to reach out to animals than it is to people and they give so much friendship :-). Very cute pic of your doggie!

  4. No matter, cats, dogs, horses, reptiles, love them all. I’m not so good with insects but that has improved a lot since I started studying zoology. I’m also kind of an animal magnet. And babies too, actually. I think that’s kind of related πŸ˜€

    1. Animals and babies Astrid? Yes maybe there is a link. Now fo course studying zoology would mean that you at least are interested and attracted by animals. As far as insects are concerned… I try to free bees getting caught in the house or spiders if they are not the “fat and hairy” kind.

  5. I’d love to have both!
    Currently i’m renting, so i’m not allowed to keep a dog. I probably wouldn’t anyway, cuz it’s a flat.
    I have a cat though πŸ™‚

    1. Living in a flat can indeed be tricky if you want to own animals especially dogs as many owners don’t allow them. But a cat is great company too …when the mood fit LOL

  6. I love both dogs and cats, and have three cats, but I agree that dogs get super close to their family, where the cats always have that aloof thing (even if some get close r than others). And I do think kids can learn responsibility from having pets.

    great pics! And cute dog. πŸ™‚

    1. Oh you are working from home? When I do some home working my dog sleeps on the closest chair. He silent presence is soothing really.

  7. yes, definitely !! Although I like most kind of cats, Dachshunds are my breed. There’s just no turning back, since I got my first one 4years ago now, I swear by them ! Now with two babies, a male and a baby female (1year apart, so 4 & 3 years old) I am convinced nothing in this world can love you like a dachshund can.

    And yep .. they do follow everywhere !! Now if you have a low rider, they follow you so close you need to be careful not step on them a suddent stop and they bump in your heels. It’s definitely something any kid will gain positive from, and apparently prevent allergies .. I grew up with mom’s poodles (one at a time .. for 11 & 10 years), our old family cat for 10ish years, and now I have my two !

    1. Hahaha yes your Dachshunds are so lovely! As far as allergy is concerned you may be onto something indeed!

  8. Awww…your dog is too cute! I’m an animal lover too, I have three cats and a chihuahua. I’ll sit on my recliner to read or watch tv and there’ll be at least one cat and my dog on my lap…sometimes ALL four animals!

  9. my dog is as independent as ever. he is semi aggressive also, so he usually does his own thing. He doesn’t get sad if any of us are going out, but he’s super excited when he sees us come back. He spends his time alone sleeping and being a quite good boy. But he loves being around us when we are home, he doesn’t follow us everywhere though, just if I seat somewhere he’s coming to stay beside me or near me, depending on the person he likes at that moment. My mum is his alpha lol, then he listens to me, but he doesn’t respect me as much as my mum, cause I baby him too much lol. But I once had a dog who followed me everywhere, she was loyal to me and we were so in tune with each other, she died prematurely and whenever I think of her I get so sad, because she was like my best friend and I loved her so much.

    1. Oh that’s so sad about your old dog Lara! I dread the day mine will die. Even if they are “only” animals we get so attached to them.