Hi dear friends,


Today is special for our Best Books of  2018 as I had no idea who was my favorite cover model for 2018!

So I asked other readers on our Facebook goup and here are some of their favorites.

So what I am asking you is to vote and comment with your favorite! 😀 

I will give the “winner’s name” in my Sunday Post from choices on WordPress and choices on Facebook (maybe two winners?).

Here are the contestants:

Elias Petros



Franggy Yanez


Lucas Bloms


Fabian Castro


Dusan Susnjar


Zack Salaun

Now please leave your choice in the comments below 😀

Thanks for reading!



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    1. Hahahah yes I recall that he was on the cover of one of your beloved books Trisy. El Diablo or something like that right? 😉