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Today in our Best Reads of 2020 it’s time to talk about the secondary characters in stories.

Some of them on the sideline add a real dimension of fun to stories like Luc’s friends in Boyfriend Material by Alexis Hall or even  the family and friends of Alex and Henry in Red, White and Royal Blue.

Sometimes, you don’t even know if you have secondary characters or if they all are main characters!

And these are the books I absolutely adore as we get a crew or squad if you prefer!

And my winner this year is…

Aurora Burning by Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufman

I loved:

Zila’s change and that we got to see into her past. She is in fact quite amazing and will drive vans and spaceships like a champ! Forget your perm though or get super strong hairspray.

“Squad,” she says calmly, “please secure your safety harnesses.”

Kal of course and I think what he did to join the Aurora legion is amazing. What’s been done to him and how the others treated him is totally unfair! I will begin a petition today addressed to Jay and Amie to have them coddle him in the next book (IF he has survived because seeing how things were left it’s not a sure thing);

But let’s not forget:

-our valiant captain Tyler, true golden boy and real Alpha;

-our  Gearhead: responsible for repairs, maintenance, mechanical work. Kind of a whizz kid. The Betraskan Finian with crpastastic jokes;

-the glamorous and talented Scarlet the diplomat, negociator.

You may notice that I am not talking about Aurora but it’s because she irked me in this sequel LOL


Now it’s your turn! What were your favorite secondary characters this year?


Thanks for reading!



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  1. I still need to read a book by Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufman ack! Maybe I should make that part of my book resolution for next year lol! But the book I just finished had a little girl that was devious….she only made a few appearances but each time she did I laughed so hard I cried ha!