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For today’s “Best of 2019” we have something light and fun! Romantic Comedy also kown as RomCom!

I have one big winner and two honorable mentions.

The honorable mentions go to:

Perfectly Adequate by Jewel E. Ann

I laughed SO HARD at Dorothy’s brutal honesty! She is “Aspie” or Asperger, brilliant but with no mouth filter and incapable of lying which of course gives very interesting and funny situations! Dorothy is impossible not to love.

She is weird but so kind and selfless. Wanting to help others kids or poor people. Taking care of emus and setting them an Instagram account (it reminded me of Atticus, Sawyer Bennett’s dog). Housing her parents. Studying everything to understand it before experimenting like the art of kissing for example.

Being different is no picnic!

“Being an Aspie isn’t always hot chocolate and marshmallows with rainbow sprinkles. No. Oftentimes it’s showing up to a Star Wars themed party dressed as Mr. Spock, greeting everyone with the Vulcan salute.”


Outmatched by Kristen Callihan and Samantha Young

If there is one constant in this reading experience it was the permanent smile gracing my face and the occasional snickering at Rhys and Parker’s banter!

Outmatched is an “easy to read” and “prefect to have a great time” kind of story!

It’s supported by two great characters, funny retorts and if the trope has been used and abused it’s perfectly executed by that duo of writers with a “well-oiled machine” feel!




And my big winner is Moti on the Water by Leylah Attar

I began my review with three “warnings” and my last one was:

“THIRD WARNING (already??? How did we come to this? I blame you Leylah!) reading this book and laughing hard while walking fast on the threadmill is a VERY BAD IDEA! Or a very good one as your abs will work twice as hard to laugh and help keep your balance in the hope of avoiding a “Moti Moment”.”

I have never given more than 5 stars for what could be seen as romcom so far but Moti is in a category of its own!

Moti is a unique story.

You’d want to categorize it under romantic comedy for all the laughter but it is more than that. That book is filled with wisdom about family relationship, marriage advices, people dynamic …

Leylah Attar has a sharp mind and a hawk eye, dissecting every habit, every quirk, every myth to expose deep thoughts wrapped up in irresistible humor.

I also learned plenty of useful things in this book like how to ogle hot guys discreetly!

“I put on my sunglasses, because that’s the polite way to ogle hot people.”


Don’t underestimate this book!


I think the best quote to represent this book is this one because that’s how I felt too while reading this story:

“Alex’s cooking was doing things to me. Strange, weird things. All my yearnings and burnings were eating and growing and taking form. His food was giving flesh to my feelings.”


What is your best romcom of  2019?


Thanks for reading!




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    1. Well Dani I’d be curious to know what your book club would think of Moti and what you’d think of Dorothy!

  1. I have Outmatched on my tbr! I LOVE the fake romance trope, it gets me every single time. I’m hoping I love it as much as you *fingers crossed*!