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Third day of our challenge with Collector of Book Boyfriends and today’s topic is Best Seller!


Well back to my old habits I have three contenders today!

They all are indie authors (shocking how can an indie author be a best seller???) and they write excellent books each in its own genre!


First contender: Penelope Douglas!

She writes YA/NA mainly and usually her male characters are real jerks and often bullies. But she has a little something that captivates me nearly every time!

I got to know her with Bully and here is an excerpt of what I wrote:


For once, I don’t want to dissect the characters, their relationship, the plot etc. I just want to shout “IT’S AMAZING!”.

OK, it’s not the Nobel Prize or the Pullitzer and it’s about teenage years, highschool and bully. I hear you think, how a MILF (yes, that’s me) can love such silly stories? You know what? Whatever! I don’t care!

I loved it so much I stood on the gate at the station to finish the scene with the car race. I was rooted on the spot, sitting on the bench because I had to know who would win! No way I would budge before. My kids were famished (well hardly because they have access to the fridge), my laundry was waiting, the dog chewed all the shoes, …you get the picture!”

This book only got more than 76.000 reviews on Goodreads and totally enters the bestseller category!


Second contender: Tijan

I got to know Tijan thanks to …Penelope Douglas! She was gushing about her Fallen Crest series and I had a look and…I was hooked!

Fallen Crest High has more than 40.000 reviews on Goodreads so again, fitting for a bestseller!

Here is an excerpt of my review for Kian, one of her books getting less like but that I found amazing!

It’s no secret by now, I love Tijan’s stories. She has some of the best male characters, powerful, mysterious and protective and I love them all. Kian is no exception. Mason Kade and Carter Reed welcome your mate, my next book boyfriend.

I relished in the constant fear running underground, never leaving me throughout the book.

The story began with Kian being this dangerous man released from prison. He is a killer and is determined to find Jo, the reason he was in jail. No matter what, he is looking for her. The hunt has begun…
I could feel Jo’s fear right through my bones. When Kian was set free, the tension is mounting. She saw him everywhere, on television, in the papers. The countdown has begun and it’s only a matter of time before he finds her, the girl he went in prison for. The girl he killed for. “


Third contender and winner of the day: Alessandra Torre!

I read Black Lies first and I was amazed at her work!!!!


Since that first story I’ve read so many of her books but my favorite so far is Hollywood Dirt!

Here is some of what I wrote about it:

”Southern women are unique; there is no disputing that. We are women born of conflict, our pasts littered with battles and chaos, self-preservation, and protection. We’ve run plantations during war, served Union soldiers tea before watching them burn our home, hidden slaves from prosecution, and endured centuries of watching and learning from our men’s mistakes.” … “We have held these states together, held our dignity and graciousness, held our head high when it was smeared with blood and soot. We are strong. We are Southern. We have secrets and lives you will never imagine”.

These are only words but they made me fall in love with the book and I never recovered. This introduction sets the tone and the pace of the story, it IS Hollywood Dirt.
Words are powerful when used properly and I could feel the bite of mosquitoes, die in the heat of the day, see Summer cottage in the cotton field, admire the majestic plantations and taste Summer’s sweet tea. With just words, Alessandra Torre made me feel this town, this community, this story deep in my bones.

With more than 20.000 reviews on Goodreads for every book and Hollywood Dirt being a movie I think she IS a bestseller author!


Now who are you bestseller authors?


Thanks for reading and happy Saturday!



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  1. I love Penelope Douglas and Tijan’s books! I never read any of Alessandra Torre’s books but I think I need to give her a shot too.