Book mail is the best kind of mail!


Way better than bills even if we have to pay for said books.


Yesterday these two babies landed in my mailbox!


Yes I had already read them on my Kindle but their covers are so pretty that I wanted them to adorn my bookshelf.


First: Now I Rise by Kiersten White



I fell maddly in love with “And I Darken”. I think Lada is a strong and very unconventional heroine that could inspire many little girls. I loved Radu and Mehmet as well even if I had some reservation about Mehmet (go see my review of “And I Darken”).

So I was beyond thrilled when Random House Children chose to grant my wish!


Now I can honestly say that I did not want to stop reading but I also don’t know what I should wish for the third book. This is very unusual as I always know what I want or hope to find in a sequel!



Second beauty: ROAR by Cora Carmack


I so wanted to read it with all the buzz it had! I’ll try to write a full review later this week but it’s a good 4 stars for me.

Main assets of that story: the original concept with stormlings, the “ungifted” heroine that had to make for in witts what she seemed to lack in magic and Cassius! Sorry folks but I’m rooting for Cassius. I love when heroes come in shades of grey. I regret he did not occupy a bigger place in the story. I’m officially petitioning Mrs Carmack to write half the second book about him 😀 


I could not choose my favorite picture so you’ll get both. Would you rather vote for picture N°1 or N° 2?




Have you read them? What did you think? What was the latest books that landed in your mailbox?


Have a wonderful Sunday everyone!


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  1. I haven’t read either but ROAR is a beautiful cover! Great job with all the pix Sophie…I think I like the second one best although they’re all awesome!!

    1. Oh yes! Some love buying clothes but I do love getting books! And yes clothes too but even more books. Just a pity I can’t wear them to work as some covers are so pretty LOL