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Topic for August 15th: Top 5 buzzwords that make me NOT want to read a book


Everyone has her/his triggers either positive or negative. These gutt-like reaction based on our background, sensitivity, etc. They make each of us unique. So the list here below is of course my personal taste or rather distaste. I’m curious to know more about yours…


1) Doormat girl


Helpless heroine. Or too sweet. Or too meek. Or…

I can’t stand girls without backbone and being real doormats. It makes me want to shake them and I’m not a violent person. I don’t mean I want a warrior. No, an ordinary girl will do just fine but she has to have some inner spunk somewhere.

She can be a damzel in distress but she has to stand her ground. Or more interesting the “weak” girl/woman finds her inner strenght in the story. I love these character’s development. When a shy and too kind girl (read everyone is using her) rebels and finds her inner voice. I’m all “Girl Power! That’s the way to go sista!” 😀

But someone being continuously abused and complaining and… Hell No!


 2) Cheating

I read mainly romance with some mysteries and coming of age stories. Not necessarily steamy romances as I love YA stories, epitome of chaste romance. In a romantic relationship I can’t stand cheating. Ever. Or nearly  as there were a few exceptions but it was only due to the author’s talent.

I think I’m a very loyal person be it for my friends, family, husband…  I ask the same loyalty from my book characters. Yes I know they are fictional, so what?

If you read a romance how can you believe in a love story if one of the main character is a cheater? How can you buy that he is (or she is) desperately in love? It’s a crock that’s all! So it’s a big no, no.


 3) Drugs

This is a very personal trigger. I never did drugs so that’s not the issue but a friend of mine became an addict when we were around 12-13. I saw him becoming obssessed with it, franctic. He stole. He became violent. He was another person. Someone I did not recognize. Someone hurting his family.

At that tender age I guess it remained imprinted in my memory and I feel really unwel when reading a story with a main character being an addict. This is not me thinking drug addicts are worthless at all. No I often feel compassion for them as it must be a hard battle. I admire ex drug addicts as stopping must have been really hard and courageous.

The problem is my nearly physical reaction to these stories: feeling low, depressed and just wanting to cry.

No complain if it’s the villain or some really not important side character but the hero? I just can’t.



 4) Love triangle

I hate when it’s a back and forth between love interests. I know real life is not white or black but shades of grey. But when it’s a matter of the heart I love clear cut lines. You’re all in or you’re not. Love is not something meek or undecided for romantic little old me. With love triangles I want to shout “just choose one already”!

Now I must also honestly add some love triangles worked very well so never say never ….



5) Dark/twisted    AND/OR   NO HEA

I know you get two words/topics instead of one but that’s because I’m a rebel! 😀

They also are words that usually make me avoid reading a book BUT not all the time. So I guess they “half-fit the bill” and you need them both.


Dark and twisted.

I’m more of a sweet romance or warm romance or…kind of gal. Dark reads or rather VERY dark reads don’t usually float my boat. Except from time to time. When I’m in the mood for dark or some author’s friend asked me to read her story. As I trust her I let her take me by the hand and lead me throughout this sombre and twisted adventure.

It’s also good to go out of your comfort zone to challenge this girl. It keeps me on my toe!



I need a HEA. Most of the time. If there is no HEA I tend to avoid the book. Even if I love ugly cries I want my bout of happiness by the end. Give me rosy glasses any day. The world is already full of sad news. I read to escape, to hope, to dream, to clean my soul and alleviate the day to day burdens. When I finish a book I want to feel invigorated, joyful not filled with sadness.

That’s my usual state of mind.

BUT I must honestly say that some of the books I loved above all else ended tragically. I won’t name them (no spoiler) but I’ve written about them several times on the blog already. They are usually the books that lasts for a very long time in my memory.

Go figure! I need light but I remember sadness. That’s the contradiction of the human mind I guess.


OK that’s all for now ladies and gents.


Let’s talk now. What are YOUR turn down words?

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  1. I’m not a fan of books involving drugs either. I’ve seen way too many people lose everything to that addiction and I don’t really like reading about it. And cheating too. I can’t handle that. At all
    Thanks so much for participating again! Adding you to the list