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To celebrate the release of One Small Thing, the new Erin Watt’s story Angelica (Angy) from Collector of Book Boyfriends and I were lucky to interview these authors!

So let’s Erin Watt alias Jen Frederick and Elle kennedy have the floor!

Thanks for being in Beware of The Reader again and the first time in Collector of Book Boyfriends. It’s an honor to have you both here.

Thanks for having us!

About Erin Watt…

A&S: Describe yourselves in 5 words as a duo “Erin Watt” and as individuals “Jen Frederick” and “Elle Kennedy”.

Erin Watt: Cracktastic, Fun, Sexy, Angsty, Dramatic

Jen Frederick: Not enough time for everything

Elle Kennedy: Writer in many many genres 🙂

About Erin Watt’s writing…

A: Do you have some kind of “ritual” to set your mind to write YA and not add the hot scenes you usually write in your new adult novels?

No, mostly because we think some of our Erin Watt scenes are just as hot as our Elle Kennedy or Jen Frederick scenes 😉 They might be less graphic, but they’re still quite sexy!

S: Do you think YA is Erin Watt’s brand or could you write other genres too? You’ve always written contemporary so far could you or would you like to write fantasy or PNR? Why or why not?

We are happy writing contemporary for now, so we have no plans to venture off into PNR or fantasy anytime soon!

A: What does it make you feel to see your books translated into other languages so fastly? And do you chose the foreign covers or is it mainly the editor’s choice? How is it different? Influenced by the culture?

We are so excited to see so many different countries publishing our books! It means so much to us to see our books translated into so many languages, finding new readers and introducing our stories to wider audiences. It’s a truly humbling experience.

A: I’ve listened to the audiobooks of your books and I loved them. Do you pick your narrators? How is the process of the production?

We have some input about the narrators, as we submit a list of suggested narrators, but the audio publisher will typically make the final decisions.

About One Small Thing…

S: Where did you get the idea from One Small Thing?

We were interested in writing a story with a bit more angst, and a forbidden romance is always heavy on the angst! We loved the idea of a heroine who gets involved with the one boy she absolutely shouldn’t get involved with.

S: What is your favorite scene in One Small Thing? What was the hardest scene to write in One Small Thing?

We have many favorite scenes, particularly the secret meetings between Beth and Chase, where they share things with each other that they’ve never shared with anyone before. The hardest scenes to write involved Beth and her family, because their issues were so raw.

S: Sell us the book! What pitch would you use? What makes it different from your other books and why should readers spend money on it?

It’s a tough world out there. Our books will help you escape for a short while and who doesn’t want that?

S: One small thing deals with heavy topics, death, grief, bullying …did you used some past personal experience to make it real? Other people’s experience? Or are you just good at building scenes and emotions “out of the blue”?

We didn’t use specific personal experiences, but death, grief and bullying are things we’ve all experienced at some point or another. We drew on that, as well as putting ourselves in the specific situations of the characters and writing the reactions we imagine we’d have.

S: Do you have a dream cast for Beth and Chase?

We don’t usually have dream casts for our characters. They live in our heads 🙂

About the future and other fun stuff…

S: Which of your books would you like the most to be made into a movie?

We would love to see Paper Princess, the book that kicked off our Erin Watt partnership, be made into a movie!

A: What’s next after the Royals? Do you have a future project that will ruin us like the Royals did?

We are tossing around some ideas for future books, however we are both working on our individual titles first. We miss college football and hockey!

A: Is it safe to ask about American Football here? LOL Tell us who is your favorite football player and team 😉

It’s always safe to talk football! Jen’s favorite team is the Green Bay Packers, and Aaron Rodgers is her favorite player. Elle’s team is the New England Patriots, but she also has love for individual players from other teams. JJ Watt is one of her favorites. (hint: this is how we can up with Erin Watt!)


S: If you had to change anything in your duo what would that be?

Nothing! We love writing together. Maybe we would live closer so we could do more writing and plotting in person?

A: If you were a teenager and could choose to be in a relationship with any of the Royal boys, who would you choose?


A: I love your covers, they are so different and colorful. How do you decide on the design of the cover?

We wanted to do something totally different and loved the idea of having one main symbolic picture on the cover. Meljean Brook is a friend, and she came up with the incredible concept.

S&A: Now before we go… If you had any power—of a magician, a wizard, a superhero, or a writer *wink*—what would you:

-make a national day?

Favorite book release day, a free day to stay home and read and get paid!

-make sure every kid on the planet did?

Get the chance for an education

-make a wine flavor?


-make the winner of the super bowl? LOL Sorry I can’t stop

We can’t pick just one!!

-make sure every husband on the planet did NOT.

Leave his dirty laundry on the floor.

-make the next model of your New Adult books LOL

We love our current YA covers, so we wouldn’t use a model!

Thank you so much for being here with us. Hugs and kisses from Belgium and Colombia 😉

And thank you Angy my “partner in crime” for this wonderful graphic and all the questions and ideas!!! You’re the best!


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