Today is Sunday time to look back in the rearview mirror and talk about my week . I am linking up to the Sunday Post hosted for years by Kimberly@caffeinatedreviewer . 

In my private life

Happy Sunday!

Today will be a “private life” only kind of post as I didn’t blog much last week, save for the Top Ten Tuesday!

Why is that? Because at the end of the day I am simply exhausted! It like a switch has been turned off and I can’t stay wake to blog or blog hop.

I guess it’s either the end of winter or work or age (God I hate that!) or the depressing news happening in the world draining me but the fact is that I am exhausted!

I’ll get better, I know with longer days and the sun and maybe some vitamins!

So today I’ll be writing and scheduling four reviews for next week and the week after just to be a somewhat worthy book blogger LOL

Also this past week the weather has been splendid and I spent yesterday afternoon working in my garden, cutting rose trees, cleaning etc and now…I hurt everywhere!

I feel muscles I didn’t even know I had!

I guess menopauses does not help so if anyone has a good natural remedy for muscles and joint pains, just leave it in the comments that would be much appreciated!

Otherwise the week has been blessedly uneventful.

We are still monitoring the war in Ukraine and talked Beware of the Husband and I about housing a refugee.

But even if our daughter is ready to leave her bedroom and stay in her dormitory on the weekend, we have the problem of both of us homeworking and me doing it in the dining room. This is all open space with the kitchen and living room and with all my Skype meetings, it would be impossible for me to have someone watching the TV or cooking or…
And we couldn’t ask of someone to “stay in his room” the whole day either!

So we decided not to house someone but it broke our heart.
We are trying to help in other ways like donating food, clothes, medicine and the likes but I feel …powerless and doing too little.

But I don’t want to be a Debbie Downer and want to focus on something positive: the sun, the birds, the nature thriving with Spring!

I hope you’ll have a great week!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. I went to bed at 8:30 last night so I can relate to the exhaustion. Between two years of Covid, and the hateful political climate over here, and now the invasion of Ukraine… it feels like there’s no escape from it all. It weighs on me all the time. Hopefully being outside in the fresh air revived your spirits – even if it hurt the muscles!

  2. Hope you’re feeling better soon Sophie! I totally understand about being exhausted – yesterday I fell asleep on the sofa at 20h! Hopefully the longer and sunnier days will help 🙂 We usually put on Flexium gel when we have muscle pains, maybe that’ll help some? Or a hot bath is always nice too. I think it’s lovely that you were considering housing a Ukrainian refugee. We’d also love to help, but have some of the same issues, so we’ll keep thinking of other ways to help out.

  3. My old age is catching up with me in the aches and pains department too. I usually rely on a heating pad and creams like Ben Gay to soothe sore muscles. That’s wonderful that you and your hubby were considering letting a refugee into your home. I really wish there was more we could all do to help.

  4. I told hubby we’re having a yard day in a couple weeks. It’s a little later than usual, but it couldn’t be helped because of conflicting schedules. Hope those aches and pains settle down, Sophie!

  5. My garden is still under snow, but I’m not mad because there’s a ton of work that needs to be done out there! I’ll need to know your pain remedies for when the snow melts in May and I have to clean and pull weeds.

  6. I haven’t had the best week either but then I think about what the people of Ukraine are going through and then my own problems don’t seem that big. Also, you may have noticed, but I can’t access my Bookfever instagram. I don’t know why and I miss you all!

  7. We truly had good positive weather too- but also a bit of snow & hail Mother nature truly can’t make up her mind ahaha

    Aww it’s so sweet of you to have even brought up the idea!! And i’m sure every little can help them so much.. though I do understand your dissaray xx

  8. I’m going to suggest light stretching and a heating pad. I also use deep blue rub from doterra which is like biofreeze or Bengay. I’d like to house refugee but have some of the same issues. I am so sad for the loss of life and progress made in both countries all being turned to rubble.

    Anne – Books of My Heart This is my Sunday Post

  9. I’ve been nursing sore muscles as well, probably pushed too hard during my ninpo class. Hope you feel a bit better soon, and also, I feel ya – from what I’ve heard about menopause, it’s not fun. And give whatever you are able to, it’s the thought that counts.

  10. I think that it is wonderful you were even giving honest consideration to opening your home to someone in need. Most people would never consider it (well, at least not in America). I hope things improve soon!

  11. I’m sure whatever you can manage is greatly appreciated, Sophie. For the aches and pains all I’ve got is a warm bath and cup of hot tea. Hope you feel better soon {{hugs}}

  12. Take care of you and the family, Sophie. It’s hard wanting to do so much more and finding we are limited in what we can do to help others. But it sounds like you’ve done all you can. And yeah, getting older sucks, I had my birthday last Saturday and feel every last one of my years, I can tell you.

  13. I have low tolerance for medications, so I often use good old fashion ice and Tiger Balm for aches and pains. Sophie, it’s smart to take a break when you need it and take care of you. Age and a twelve hour work day definitely take its toll on me. Be well and have a great week.

  14. Its always so sad to see this type of stuff happening, but unfortunately evil exists in this world as does power hungry leaders (its why I am pro small government because the bigger the gvmt the bigger the corruption aka evils we see in countries like Russia, Iran and China). I think its great you were open to housing a refugee, says a ton about your character even if the option just wasn’t viable for you. Have you tried essential oils for joint pain? Young Living has a supplement that has shark bone in it (I know sounds weird but it helps my arthritis so it might help you out!! And its completely natural)

    Hope you have a great week Sophie!!

  15. I know what you mean about time, it is just escaping me at the moment and also feel so tired! Gardening does make you remember muscles you didn’t know you had! I did a bit of weeding yesterday and will do some today but as my back is still bad, I can’t do much! My parents friend has offered to come and cut my grass for me but I told him not to worry as I have a 12 year old who needs to do chores!!!!! Xx

  16. I know what you mean about muscle pain and getting older. I’ve heard doing yoga is a great way to combat that but I don’t have time to fit it into my schedule, lol. That’s wonderful that you were willing to help a refugee