“Cried My Eyes Out” book!

I love Ugly Cry books. There is something cathartic to a good cry. Cleansing even. As I’ve already spoken about one of the Ugly Cry books I’ve read in 2017 earlier this week (Goodbye Days by Jeff Zentner) I will choose another VERY emotional book.

My “book that should not be read on public transportation while wearing mascara” is …


Wish You Were Here by Renee Carlino

Here is what I wrote about the book:

4,5 “no tissues left” stars.

This book was so emotional that I want to write a different review…

What you’ll get is my own interview while reading the book. I think it will be the best way to convey the many emotions I went through.

– What made you request this book?

“I always wanted to read one of Renee Carlino’s books but never had the opportunity. When I learned an ARC of her latest novel was ready I read the blurb and…crossed my fingers!”

-What were the first thoughts crossing your head when you began reading?

“What have I done?” “That was my first thought as I did not love Adam at all that first night. I could not connect with him and found him too peculiar for my personal taste. Why was he acting so erratically? And why did Charlotte find his behavior acceptable?
I also thought Charlotte was a fluke. She never finished anything, was adrift in life, without solid plan or goal. I’m the polar opposite of Charlotte and I must reckon that I was judgmental.
As you can see I was really regretting my choice.”

– What was your reaction when Charlotte met Seth? Did you root for him? Understood Charlotte?

“I loved Seth but as I hate love triangle I also feared where this was headed to. As much as I did not understand Adam I still felt some kind of loyalty for him. I could also feel that Charlotte was not over Adam and she kept Seth at arm’s length. It did not help of course. On the other hand I wanted to kick Charlotte’s behind so bad as she had a perfect man pinning for her and yet she was quite standoffish. I must confess that I was no better than her family.”

– What was the tipping point for you?

“When Charlotte learned the truth about Adam. I was warming up to Charlotte and began to understand her. I even wished her to live happily ever after with Seth and then BAM! I discovered Adam’s secret and I never saw it coming.
From that moment on I had a tissue glued to my hand and running eyes.
Charlotte’s evolution impressed me. She had an inner strength I never imagined and … yes I was in awe and in tears.”

-Did this book meet your expectations? Did it surprise you? How would you describe Renee Carlino’s penmanship?

“This story surpassed my expectations. I never expected that level of emotions neither this turn of events. I did not expect to love Adam so much when I began despising him in the very beginning. I did not expect to get not only one but two perfect men in this story. I don’t know how Renee Carlino managed this high feat but she has created two exceptional heroes, different from each other but both extraordinary. Renee’s writing is astute as she slowly but surely sucked me in her story and made me fall hard for her characters.”

– Would you recommend it?

“A thousand times!”


 What’s your best ugly cry book for 2017?

Thanks for reading!


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  1. I am always so hesitant to dive into books that I know will make me cry like a baby! I put off reading Bright Side by Kim Holden for this reason and finally gave in and read it this year. I loved it so much and definitely flew through the tissues…for days! This looks so good, perhaps I’ll find the courage to read it too!!