Hi friends,

This Sunday is the last day of my holiday! Let’s have a look at my week and as usual I am linking up to The Sunday Post hosted by Kimberly @caffeinatedreviewer


In my private life

This week has been good and bad. 

Bad because I suffered from a mild migraine from Sunday to Thursday afternoon. It was not a “lie in the dark and vomit” one but still really draining. Luckily I got a reprieve the afternoon of my friend’s visit.

It’s also been a good one as I was on holiday and enjoyed a really great afternoon with a friend. We had lunch then went clothes shopping. As she loves art we visited my town’s museum displaying Felicien Rops’s art.

As she is the process of writing her first book and asked me to beta read and “be honest” I showed her my notes and we laughed because… I feel like an dragon editing her book! I was even shouting: “Punctuation! Commas, question marks, period…. they are your sentence’s life!”

I advised her to read her book aloud to “feel” if it sounded great or not.

We had a blast!


I also had a reiki session, when someone is massaging your feet and ankle, finding every point that’s working badly to let your energy flow properly again. It was incredible! At one point, my eyelids were closed and I was dozing when I got like a flash or like the summer emerging behind a cloud. I asked the healer what she had touched and it was the solar plexus! Fitting with my description .

I will have other appointments with her as there is a lot of work to do.

But hey, it’s self care!


Last information: I finally got the softboxes ordered last week and they make a big difference taking pictures while the sky is grey or it’s dark outside (see Cilka’s Journey picture in my sidebar)!



With two other bloggers (Amy and Angy) we are organizing a ” Meet your next Book Boyfriend” event for February.

It’s simple really: you fill in the doc here and you are in!

The goal is to write one post about your favorite book boyfriend and post between February 14th and February 28th. It can be fanart, top reasons why you love him, character interview ….anything that would explain to others why you fancy him so much!

Here is the doc if you are interested: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfE0PMWWTJjjW5XdEja3dj9GugaEwPwn-7VGs3D4oUxf_FUAQ/viewform

We are offering something a little different with the giveaway for this time.  In the past, we’ve done a rafflecopter on each blog post.  That will still be given to each participating blog. But this time we are going to offer an additional giveaway for those who want participate in a Facebook blog hop.  So, everyone will have an option for 2 giveaways to participate in

1st giveaway– $15.00 amazon gift card [Rafflecopter]

2nd giveaway – $15.00 amazon gift card [Facebook Blog Hop]  

With the Facebook blog hop, you can offer an additional prize (for example, a copy of the book your book boyfriend is from) but it isn’t necessary to have an additional prize beyond what the Meet Your Next Tour is offering of a $15.00 amazon gift card.

On the blog (click on the graphic to read the post)

I reviewed three books but three other reviews are scheduled already for next week! One of the reviews this week is an audiobook and will be added for the 2020 Audiobook Challenge (that’s three audiobooks for that challenge so far! I am kicking it 😀  )


As I’ve announced last week, I’ll be participating in the  2020 Audiobook Challenge, stenographer level.

And I posted a part 2 post about my most awaited books!

In the blogoshpere  and literary world

Epic Read tries to guess your zodiac sign based on your choice of book cover! PS they failed me!

Beth explains how we can beat the algorithm on Instagram


And Lashaan talks about quality or quantity in blogging!

Blogging: Quality, Quantity or Something Else?

Pfew that’s it!

How was your week? Anything interesting happened?


Thanks for reading!




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  1. Your reiki session sounds so soothing! Here’s hoping you can fit more in. And I’m so sorry about your migraine. I hope this week your body is more kind to you *hugs*. And ohhhh Meet Your Next Book Boyfriend sounds fun! I need to get on my computer to access our blog and see what days we have free next month .

  2. Sounds like an awful migraine- hope you are feeling much better! But yay for the friend visit and the reiki thing. It’s amazing what massage and just taking care of our bodies can accomplish! Oh, and I took the quiz – they got mine wrong too lol. 🙂

  3. I’m sorry to hear your holiday has ended with a migraine. Those are just the worst. I hope you’re feeling better now though. I always hear good things about those soft boxes for photography. Your photo for Cilka’s Journey is lovely.

  4. Sorry about your migraine. Those are awful! But glad you enjoyed time with a friend. I already signed up for the Meet your next book boyfriend! I have enjoyed participating in the past for sure!

  5. Oh, I love, love going for a massage, they are priceless and I’m so glad these might be helping with your migraines. Which, by the way, are disturbing. You have checked for food allergies, right? Oh, and beta reading for a friend? Sounds like you will keep her well on track. And light boxes or not, your photography is always lovely!

    1. Yes Alexandra I have had many tests so far and no food allergies, nothing serious… I think it’s mostly stress and my body giving me the finger after years and years of holding it together for everyone. Plus getting older and the hormones probably shifting now and all the stress at work!
      Thank you for your praise on my photography!!!

  6. That’s a long time to suffer from a migraine. How awful! I am glad it subsided in time for your outing with your friend. That’s cool that you are beta reading. It’s going be gratifying, when all is said and done, to know you were part of the process.

  7. I’m sorry to hear about your migraine, Sophie! I had one last week too (probably triggered by the stress of work!) and it sucked. Fingers crossed for a better week this week, eh?!

    I’m glad the light boxes are making a different to your photos, you always take really pretty ones. 🙂

    I’d love to join in the book boyfriend event but I don’t know if I’m capable of choosing just one! I’ll have to have a serious think to myself…

    1. I have just seen your post Nicci and yes, I get it about the stress! Let’s hope 2020 will get better and better!