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Today is the last day of January and instead of doing a long recap post, I chose to post about my favorites this month AND do a little “If you loved this you’ll love that” with them.

I hope that it will help you decide if some of them are just the right read for you!

I also have to add that January was a FABULOUS reading month as I have read 14 books!!!!! It’s never happened for years! And on these 14 books 6 were audiobooks. I am KILLING the #audiobookchallenge2020 !


My favorites this month are:

King of Scars by Leigh Bardugo! It was an audiobook with the amazing Lauren Fortgang.

I truly love how Leigh Bardugo weaves all these stories like a big tapestry with unexpected ramifications. She is not only an unrivalled plotter but she also gives flesh and bones to her characters in such way that they all feel real. Even the ones seen as remote side characters are written to make us root for them and bleed when we lose some! I love the sarcasm, the witty banter between dashing and extremely brilliant Nikolai and powerful Zoya.

We have twists aplenty and I have no idea how I will wait for the sequel!

You should read King of Scars if you loved: 

All these books have a crew of friends that we follow, great banter, sarcasm and twists aplenty!


Cilka’s Journey by Heather Morris

This is a story of violence and brutality. This is a story of unfairness, of all the shades of grey between right and wrong. This is a story of punishment, of abuse. And this is a story of survival, of resilience. It’s a story of making the most of a situation with one goal: survive. It’s the life story of a Czech girl sent to Auschwitz at sixteen, noticed for her beauty by the SS officers and abused by them just to be sent to a Siberian work camp once the war was over.

You should read Cilka’s Journey if you loved:

Both stories here are stories of survival and of incredible resilience. They might seem different but their characters are incredibly strong and face adversity against all odds!


Daisy Jones & The Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid. This was an audiobook.

This book is of course about a band playing rock n roll in the 70ies but more than that, this is a book about feelings. About temptations. About acting like someone you want to become. About resisting the fall because you know that it would destroy you. It’s a story about hope and trust when you love a former addict and band member.

It’s about not wanting perfect kids, perfect life or a perfect husband. But wanting YOUR life, YOUR kids, YOUR husband.

It’s about finding your soul mate, someone who looks so much like you that you don’t have to talk to communicate. But you know that person is like fire to your fire. And it will only destroy you. What you need to live is water. And so you choose that person who is water for you and turn your back to the one you love.

Its’ about the complexity of human relationship, about a battle of ego. It’s about evolving as a band, letting everyone have a say but still being in the lead.

It’s brilliant, it’s raw, it’s messy and it’s extraordinarily REAL!


You should read it if you loved:

What will you say? Compairing Daisy Jones and Michelle Obama? Well yes! Because both books feel like biography of very unique character with an astonishing journey. One if a true biography, the other an amazing imitation. Both women trace their own path in life and are never deterred by what others might say! 


The Idea of You by Robinne Lee.

This love story is intense, it’s conflicting, it’s beautiful, it’s angsty and it’s extremely well written. I can’t believe that this is Robinne Lee’s first book. She has an incredible talent to bring characters to life and give so many nuances to their feelings. She built that story like a seasoned writer and played my feelings like a maestro. It was never unbelievable, never grotesque in the exaggeration, never cliché. I am in awe.

You should read this one if you loved:


The first book is about a love story with 13 years age gap between the younger male character and the female character. But like Hayes, he is mature beyond his age and very persistent. Method also has a celebrity as main character (actor) but I chose this one because of its vibe: angsty, roller coaster, nuanced and with a perfectly balanced writing.


Out of the Easy by Ruta Sepetys. Audiobook

Filled with eccentric and fanciful characters this story was crafted with great care by Ruta Sepetys and embarked me in a delicious journey. It was funny, heartwarming but also sad and frustrating due to my attachment to Josie. My only complaint is that the ending was totally unexpected and a little “easy” with open possibilities while I do love a good closure accompanied by a perfect epilogue.

You should read it if you loved

OK that one was easy but honestly, few writers can compare to Ruta’s writing 😀 


Here you go! Did you like this format for a monthly recap? Just let me know in the comments and tell me what were your favorites this month!

Thanks for reading.


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  1. You read so much in January! I am glad you have some new favourites. I still need to read the six of crows series and I do have King of Scars waiting for me for afterward 😀 And I am so excited to read Daisy Jones and the Six at some point ^.^

  2. I was just talking about Cilka’s Journey last night – recommending it to my mom and sister. And I truly loved Daisy Jones. I’ve heard the audio production is excellent so I’m tempted to do a re-read on audio at some point.

  3. Looks like you had a great reading month! I like people highlighting the best books for each month (that’s why I started my five-star Friday). I admire your ability to add the “read alikes”, because I am terrible at that.

    1. Well Sam it was the first time that I tried and I loved it So I think I’ll keep it that way for netx months.

  4. Really glad you enjoyed Daisy Jones and the Six, when I first read it I wasn’t sure what I thought and then had to let it steep in for a while but realised that I couldn’t stop thinking about it days after I read it. It’s incredibly human and painful in parts but I realised how much I truly loved it because of those things.

  5. 14 BOOKS oh my god you’re killing it, wow that’s incredible!! I admire you so much right now ahah. I love Daisy Jones so, so much, such a brilliant read. and I rarely read non-fiction, but I’m so curious about Michelle Obama’s book, so… you have the perfect recommendation lined up here for me haha 🙂

  6. This is a really great idea! 🙂 I have King I’d Scars on my shelf, but I feel like I should read Six of Crows first …