Well, isn’t this cosy.” Alex beamed at me. “Would you like anything else while we wait for the ladies? I mean my lady and your boylady.”⁠
“I’m not sure ‘boylady’ is the correct term.”⁠
“Terribly sorry. Still a bit of a novel sitch. Not that isn’t fearfully nice that you’re a homosexual. Just never brought one to the club before.”⁠
― Alexis Hall, Boyfriend Material⁠
For today’s question in #BestReadsOf2020  we are talking about friendships!
I have several amazing books!⁠
Of course you have:⁠
❤️Chain of Gold and its Merry Thieves;⁠
❤️ Crescent City and friends ready to die for you 😭
❤️ Truel1f3 and friends saving the day⁠
But one that I read recently and absolutely blew me away with its friendship was BOYFRIEND MATERIAL by Alexis Hall⁠
Not only did Luc’s friends hook him up with Oliver but they came to clean his flat (and it was a trash can honestly) and they drove him for five hour to try to get his love back!⁠
All while being awoken at two in the morning and offering advice for his broken heart.

What was your favorite book with friendship this year?⁠

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Honestly I live for the friendship in the queendom of the seven lakes duology. The two of them? Perfect friendship right there (I mean it isn’t, but that’s part of what makes it perfect and my fave)

  2. Boyfriend Material had the best group of friends. I was laughing so much. And loved how well they knew each. I had a blast with this book – and it totally deserves the BEST FRIENDSHIP AWARD 😀

    ~ Corina | TheBrownEyedBookworm.com

  3. I thought the friend group in Boyfriend Material was fantastic. Another memorable group for me was in Love Your Life by Sophie Kinsella. I think most of my favorite parts involved them.