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It’s Sunday, time for our weekly recap from what happened on the blog and in my private life! As usual I am linking this post to The Sunday Post hosted by @caffeinatedreviewer


In my private life first

I had forgotten how antihistamine could make me sleepy!

This night, I woke up with an horrible itch to scatch on my elbow, sure sign that I had been beaten by something, probably a spider. It was so strong that I went into the bathroom to take a peek and it was red, extremely swollen with a clear liquid oozing from it.

Years back I had similar symptoms after Avenger mosquitoes had literally eaten me alive on the Adriatic coast of Italy. Three weeks after I still had the marks and it was itching so much that the doctor prescribed antihistamines.

I took one last night and fell right back asleep.

This morning, no itching no swelling but God! Am I feeling sleepy! That’s awful. I can barely keep my eyes cracked open.

Hence today’s title…


Basically this week has been work, get back home and sleep as I was exhausted.

My dog being sick two nights ago as she had eaten some chocolate didn’t help either. My son had left a ceral box, closed, on a low table. You know the kind with flakes and little swirls of chocolate? Well my dog made it her mission to open the box, spill the cereals on the floor and eat all the chocolate!

Chocolate is poison for dogs but luckily there was not enough to do lasting damages or kill her. Just give her intestines problems and wake me up every 30 minutes to go relieve herself outside the house!

Even when the kids are olds the dogs keep us in a mom’s alertness…

Now some fun fact: yesterday, I tried to make a book tower. Not simply piling books onto each other no, they had to spiral too.

Always the overachiever, I wanted to make something like @darkfaerietales_ does on Instagram but …after two failed attempts as in all the book falling while I barealy had finished, I resigned myself to stop two books shor from my previous try…

But the last one stayed erect all straight and dandy!

Here is a pic and it will be posted on my feed in a few days.

What took me much time though was that, as I had depleted my shelves from many books to build my tower AND wanted to take that pic in front of my (full)  bookshelves, I had to go fetch books on the first floor to stuff the shelves back. I swear all the climbing stairs multiple times and hauling big weighty piles of books is better than going to the gym!

Last word: you know of my friend who has written her first book and found a publishing house right? I helped her the best I could for years now. Well this week was fun and rush as she sent the final draft to the publishing house (she had deadlines to respect) and it was then all about writing a synopsis, a biography, choosing an excerpt, a tagline etc. I loved helping in that process too! She even proposed a cover as she is mastering photoshop and is an artist.

I can’t wait to see it published and hold it in my hands! I will ask her to sign it for me LOL



On the blog this week (click on the graphic to read the post)

I have reviewed two books but have read two more (hopefully, reviews next week).

The Diviners by Libba Bray was my first dabble in mild horror genre and an audiobook for the #AudiobookChallenge2020. It was a 4,5 stars and the narration was amazing!


The Life You Stole by Jewel E. Ann was the conclusion of “The Life” duet and a real rollercoaster! As I said in my review I’d barely slept that night! 4,5 stars.


This week we had the first post for our Meet Your Next Book Boyfriend event and Emma Scott sent me a fantastic interview of Weston J Turner! He is the hero of the Beautiful Hearts duet and you’ll see it one more time featured on my feed this week.


For our Top 5 Tuesday I wanted to write something funny and came with all that books and reading made me do and how they changed me!


On the blogosphere and literary world

Epic Reads has a fun quiz again and asks you if you would survive a SciFi Novel! Click on the graphic to take the quiz.

I am sad to say that my results were “sorry, you were left behind. You’re not selected to join the elite space team, so you’re only in the story for three chapters, maybe four at most. But you can wave to the spaceship—and your last hope for survival—as it takes off!” 😥 

I did a little bit better at blog hopping this week and I found these interesting posts to share with you!

Lashaan at Bookidote asks this very important question: should we take a step back from blogging?



Sofii talks about the ups and downs of  being an international blogger


That’s it! Now do tell me all about your week! I still have two reviews to write and posts to schedule but then I’ll be free to comment back and visit!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. I’m glad your dog is ok!!!! My dog once got into a box of chocolate covered pecans and she was completely fine, thank god. It didn’t even giver her stomach issues, but I was so worried! And your book tower is absolutely beautiful <3

  2. Antihistamines do the same thing to me. They knock me right out and I sleep like the dead. Your book tower turned out great. I’ve been wanting to try to make one myself but it looks so complicated (and I’m lazy, lol).

  3. Great post, Sophie, even being tired. I love your spiralling tower of books – I don’t have enough hardbacks to manage anything near that. I hope you have a less exhausting week this week.

  4. Oh wow antihistamines can totally knock you out! Or they do me anyway. And mosquitos just straight up shouldn’t exist, so there’s that. Spiders either…

    Sorry to hear about doggy! I hope his insides are feeling better, poor guy…

    Nice book tower. I would NEVER be able to make that work… 🙂

    Off to take that awesome sounding quiz.

    Have a super week!

  5. Congrats to your friend on her debut with a publisher- exciting! Hope you and puppy feel better soon. Our Shepherd got into the garbage once (naughty girl!) and paid for it with diarrhea for days- not fun!
    Your book tower looks like a happy reader’s stairway to heaven 🙂

  6. I’m glad your dog got through the chocolate experience!

    And you got through that allergic reaction!

    I love the toppling tower…enjoy reading the books. Thanks for sharing and for visiting my blog.

  7. I always react strongly to antihistamines. They knock me out and and I’m down for the count for hours and hours. But at least they work. 🙂 Love the spiral book tower. So cool that your friend’s book is getting closer and closer to publication!

  8. One time, our dog ate a whole bowl of Hershey Kisses that our cat knocked to the floor, but other than some sparkly poop (from the foil wrappers) they had no effect on her. She was like a Super Dog or something. lol I hope you and she feel better now.

  9. Mosquito bites are the worst, and they usually last about 3 weeks for me, too! If there’s a mosquito around it usually finds me! Hope your spider bite goes away. Awesome that you were able to help your friend with her book!

    I enjoyed The Diviners, too. It was a long time ago, though. 🙂

  10. I got bit by something crazy (we still aren’t sure what) while in Jamaica with my students. I had to draw a circle around the red area to measure if it spread. All I had with me was benedryl. As a chaperone I couldn’t really afford to be unconscious though! Thankfully, the Friars came and helped by watching the kids so I could take some meds.
    Paper Fury posted a kind of outtake of her book tower nearing falling while she was trying to do pictures!

  11. I have the same problem with antihistamine, but hey, at least it worked, right? Poor pup (and mom). You know the dog didn’t learn a lesson from that either, and if given the opportunity, he’d do it again. Your picture is awesome! I don’t think non-bookish people appreciate how hard bookstagramming is.

  12. I am itchy just reading about your bites! Eek! I do love your book tower. It has been so long since I have attempted to take a nice picture of my books. I hope that you have a lovely week. 🙂